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  • Referrals: Your Secret Weapon to Leveling Up Your Cleared Job Search

    No two job searches are exactly alike. Your level of difficulty securing a position depends on several factors. How in demand are your skills? How much competition is there in the applicant pool? What does the market look like overall? Even though we often hear there are … more

  • 10 Job Seeker Questions

    Thinking of beginning a job search? It can be overwhelming, It seems like there are so many possibilities to pursue, and sources for jobs to check into. Where do you start? What should you focus on? What do you spend your time on? You can do lots of things. How do you … more

  • Employee Referral Programs

    What’s one of the key ways to get a job with a defense contractor? Leverage a contact who works for a company you are targeting for employment, and ask for a referral. It helps you stand out in a crowded field of job seekers. Referrals are good hiring sources for comp… more