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  • Tapping Into the Top Veteran Talent Pool

    Experienced recruiters realize that veterans bring terrific qualities to the civilian workforce – they are team players and team leaders, they bring a strong work ethic and exceptional focus, most are educated, disciplined and self-motivated. The almost 250,000 vets who tran… more

  • May is National Military Appreciation Month

    ClearedJobs.Net encourages everyone to honor our country’s service members, veterans and their families during National Military Appreciation Month. From Military Spouse Appreciation Day to Armed Forces Day to Memorial Day, it's a month to remember those who serve and have serv… more

  • USMC Corporal stationed in Japan seeks military career transition advice

    Michael, a Marine stationed overseas, writes in to ask for some guidance as he prepares his military career transition: "I'm in United Sates Marine Corps currently stationed in Japan. I will be getting out July 2010 and I don't really know were or how to search for jobs tha… more

  • Social Media and Sandwiches – Fort Meade TAP Presentation

    TAP Presentations are a vital part of any military person's transition. ClearedJobs.Net has presented at hundreds of TAP presentations around the country but in the last 2 years these presentations, like the one we did today at Fort Meade in Maryland, have become more than ju… more