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  • February 27 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

    Army Leaders Confident About Vehicle Programs (AUSA Winter) Paul McCleary, Aviation Week. The head of the Army’s Ground Combat Systems directorate told reporters at AUSA’s Winter Symposium this week that they are confident that even with the reduced budgets the Army is on … more

  • FY2013 Federal Information Technology Budget

    “Doing More With Less” [caption id="attachment_4476" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Steven VanRoekel, U.S. CIO"][/caption] That’s the subtitle from the presentation “Federal Information Technology FY2013 Budget Priorities” delivered by Steven VanRoekel, U… more

  • November 28 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

    Fight is Just Beginning Over Cuts in Defense Nathan Hodge and Julian Barnes, Wall Street Journal. The failure of the Super Committee to find the necessary cuts has sent folks into full scramble on Capitol Hill as to how to address the threatened sequestration of funds starting… more