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  • How Military Transition is Like Cooking

    What’s the very best meal you could make right now using nothing but the items currently found in your kitchen? Could you pull off a four course meal? Whip up a deep dish lasagna? Soup and sandwich? OK, maybe just soup? [caption id="attachment_10894" align="alignright" width… more

  • How to Fail Your Military Transition

    Want to ensure you have trouble finding a civilian job? Looking forward to months without a job? Ready to go through 3-4 job searches in your first few years after the military? Probably NOT!  But those problems are quite common. Failure 1: Defining a Specific Career/Job Y… more

  • Focus Your Military Transition for a Successful Job Search

    We’ve done so much, with so little, for so long, that we can do anything, with nothing, forever. This phrase highlights the strength of the current military member, and at the same time, the weakness of the veteran job seeker. One of the biggest issues transitioning veter… more

  • Five Military Transition Questions with Engility’s Mike Snodgrass

    Mike, tell us about yourself  I joined the Air Force in 1978 after graduating from the Air Force Academy. I flew F-4s, F-16s, F-15s, C-130s and more. It was mostly a storybook career mix of operational and staff assignments at all levels. After 33 years I decided it was time … more

  • Social Networking in Your Job Search at Military Transition Classes

    As a veteran-owned company, ClearedJobs.Net is committed to supporting transitioning military. One way we do this is by presenting Social Networking in Your Job Search and providing lunch to military transition classes at bases around the metro DC area. [caption id="attachm… more