10 Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2014

Posted by Rob Riggins

Security clearance experts Greg Rinckey and Nicole Smith of Tully Rinckey PLLC wrote many of our most popular articles of 2014. In fact seven of our ten most-read articles in 2014 related to security clearances and, overwhelmingly, what to do if you run into issues with alcohol, marijuana and more.

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Our 10 most popular stories of 2014:

10. Top 10 Reasons DISCO and OPM Reject Security Clearance Requests

The vast majority of the reasons involved are simple mistakes such as missing or incomplete information. Check these out so you’re more prepared the next time you fill out your SF86.

9. Proposed Security Clearance Reforms Detail Navy Yard Shooter Mishaps

Last February the House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee issued a report detailing flaws in the security clearance process, including details of how the system failed in regard to the Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis.

8. What Happens if Your Security Clearance is Suspended or Revoked

Details on what will happen if your clearance is suspended or revoked depending on whether your clearance is held by DoD, Intel or another federal agency.

7. How to Prep and Attend a Cleared Job Fair

If you’re going to attend a job fair make the most of the opportunity by preparing before you go. Check out these tips on making job fairs productive.

6. Foreign Influence and Your Security Clearance

Contact with foreign nationals is one of the top reasons that security clearances are denied, suspended, or revoked. The concern agencies have is whether there is anything about your contact that could lead you to compromise classified information.

5. 120 Powerful Resume Words to get a Cleared Job

There are some great power words in here to use in your resume. If you’re struggling with how to describe your accomplishments, use this piece as a reference.

4. Two Key Interview Questions for Cleared Job Seekers

Cleared job seekers have to keep in mind that interviews are a two-way street. Read this great advice on some key questions you should be asking the interviewer.

3. Financial Issues and Your Security Clearance

Tips on dealing with financial issues that may impact your security clearance. After the Great Recession it’s not uncommon to have financial problems and you need to address them before your next background investigation.

2. New State Marijuana Laws and Your Security Clearance

This is an older article that was #2 in 2013 as well. Clearly the issue of marijuana legalization is top of mind for many security cleared professionals.

1. Alcohol and Your Security Clearance

How do you define intoxication? That could be a very important answer in your next background investigation.

Do you have subjects you’d like us to tackle in 2015? Anything related to cleared job search that you’d like to learn more about? Please share in the comments.


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