3 Things Recruiters Want Cleared Job Seekers to Know

Posted by Ashley Jones

Landing a cleared job can feel like navigating through a maze of uncertainty. To help you crack the code and navigate this process more effectively, it’s crucial to understand what recruiters are looking for and the insights they wish you knew. Consider these three tips to help you improve your job search prospects.

1. It’s Up to You to Define Your Professional Goals

While recruiters play a vital role in helping you secure a cleared job, recognize the responsibility of defining your professional goals falls on your shoulders. You have to figure out what job you want before diving head first into a job search. This is something transitioning military personnel often struggle with.

Whether you’re transitioning out of the military, changing civilian career paths, or simply looking for a new job in the same field, it’s tempting to jump right into the deep end of job search. But recruiters would actually prefer that you slow down and take some time from the start to determine what kind of role you are both qualified for and interested in.

Defining your professional goals will allow you to conduct a more targeted job search. Instead of applying to any available cleared position, you can focus on opportunities that align with your goals and overall career path. Narrowing your search increases your chances of finding roles that will provide the growth and challenges you seek.

Having a clear career path in mind will not only help you land a job, but find the right job. It might surprise you, but recruiters want this for you too. They don’t want you to start your new job, realize it’s not a good fit, and then quit. They want you to be satisfied so you’ll stay for the long haul.

Recruiting the right person takes time and money on behalf of the hiring organization. It’s in everyone’s best interest if you know what you want in your next cleared job, so all parties involved can determine if the job is a good match.

2. Authenticity Matters

In a world dominated by digital applications, recruiters crave genuine connections with candidates. They want to see the real you—the person behind the resume. At the end of the day, people hire people, not just a list of skills and experiences. That’s why building an authentic connection is incredibly important throughout the recruitment process.

By being authentic, you build trust and rapport, laying the foundation for a positive professional relationship. And if we’re being frank, recruiters are people—they’re going to invest more time in the people they “like” for various reasons. It doesn’t hurt to keep this old saying top of mind: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Recruiters can sense your authenticity, which in turn engages them on a deeper level. Authentic communication helps convey your motivations, career goals, and interest in the role. By weaving your personality into your interviews, you’ll leave a lasting impression on recruiters and demonstrate that you are more than just a collection of skills.

Beyond qualifications and skills, recruiters are seeking candidates who fit seamlessly into the company’s culture. They look for individuals who align with the organization’s values, work ethic, and overall environment.

It’s not just about ticking off boxes on a skills checklist – it’s about finding the perfect puzzle piece that completes the team. Let your personality shine, and you’ll attract opportunities that resonate with your authentic aspirations and ambitions.

3. Network with Recruiters for Future Opportunities

Networking is a powerful tool for advancing your career, and it extends beyond just connecting with peers and industry professionals. Networking with recruiters can open doors to future job opportunities, even if they don’t have the perfect fit for you at the moment.

When you interact with recruiters, whether at Cleared Job Fairs, industry events, or during a hiring process, view it as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship. While they may not have an ideal position available immediately, maintaining a connection allows you to stay on their radar for future openings. By building rapport and demonstrating your professionalism, you create a lasting impression that can lead to future job prospects.

Recruiters often have access to a range of job opportunities, including those that are not publicly advertised. By cultivating a relationship with recruiters, you position yourself to tap into this hidden job market. They may remember you when a suitable position arises and proactively reach out.

Keep in mind too, recruiters change jobs just like everyone else. They may begin working for another company, and just like that you’ve got a foot in the door at another cleared employer.

Recruiters are also well-connected within their industry to other recruiters. If they don’t have a position for you, but a colleague of theirs reaches out, they may pass your information on and vouch for you.

So stay in touch with your recruiters. And remember, networking is a lifelong endeavor that can open doors to endless possibilities. By cultivating these connections now, you position yourself for success in the cleared job market and increase your chances of finding the perfect fit down the line.

Overall, stay proactive, persistent, and professional throughout your job search journey. By defining your professional goals, being authentic, and networking with recruiters, you’ll be well on your way to securing the cleared job opportunity you desire. Best of luck!


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