5 Most Popular ClearedJobs.Net Stories of 2013

Posted by Rob Riggins

As the year comes to a close we review our most popular blog stories of 2013. This year’s most-read articles have a common theme – security clearances.

We partnered this year with Tully Rinckey to bring you authoritative content on security clearances and it has proven to be very popular. In addition, Nicole Smith with Tully Rinckey will be presenting briefings on What You Need to Know about Your Security Clearance Reinvestigation at our 2014 Cleared Job Fairs.

Our 5 most popular stories of 2013:

5. Security Clearance Loss of Jurisdiction

Few things cause more frustration than being rejected by a prospective employer because of a Loss of Jurisdiction and an Incident Report.

4. Do You Apply for Jobs You’re Not Qualified For

The popularity of this article seems to suggest that yes, many of us do apply for jobs that we’re not really qualified for.

3. Resumes Then vs Resumes Now

Recruiter Amy Cody-Quinn with GeoLogics struck a chord with this throwback comparison of the changes she has seen in resumes and recruiting.

2. New State Marijuana Laws and Your Security Clearance

With marijuana laws changing in a number of states, don’t be too quick to join the party.

1. Sexual Behavior and Your Security Clearance

Is it any surprise that our top story of the year has something to do with sex?


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