5 Tips for Sending Military Care Packages

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Over the years ClearedJobs.Net has collected lists of items that are needed by U.S. troops overseas. Below is a list of items and instructions for anyone interested in sending out their own care packages to military personnel serving abroad:

5 Tips to Ensure Your Military Care Packages
Arrive Safely and are Well-Received

  • When sending care packages to U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy sailors, try to keep them as light as possible.
  • Though it can be a hassle, if you have a lot you wish to send, break the items up into multiple boxes. When large boxes are sent and are heavy (or have lots of empty space), they have a tendency to get crushed and damaged en route.
  • Whatever type of box you use, ensure the items are well packed and padded if needed. This will reduce the damage to items and the box during shipment.
  • Remember, once your package gets into Afghanistan, its no longer being handled by UPS or Fedex. It’s now another box to be moved from point A to point B to ensure delivery.
  • When using packing materials, newspaper, ‘balloon packs’ and styrafoam (sheets) tend to work the best. Try to avoid the packing ‘peanuts’ if possible. These will end up not only departing the box once a corner is broken, but will also fly out everywhere in the winds out in the field when the box is opened and items are pulled out.

Following these simple tips will ensure your military care packages will arrive safely and will be enjoyed by all!

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