5 Unique Cleared Jobs You Don’t See Every Day

Posted by Ashley Jones

In the cleared community we often see countless openings for Engineers and Analysts, but are you familiar with cleared opportunities for Cryptocurrency SMEs or Sports Nutritionists? While jobs like these may not appear frequently across your radar, there are many unique positions in the government contracting landscape that require security cleared professionals to get the job done.

Check out our roundup of some of the most interesting cleared job openings currently on ClearedJobs.Net to see some of the ways security clearances can be put to use. These may not all be for you, but if anyone in your cleared network fits the bill, let them know about the following openings.

1. Cryptocurrency SME

Are you a true crypto connoisseur with a knack for unraveling the mysteries of digital currency? Join CACI’s task force in Washington, D.C. as a Cryptocurrency SME, assisting the DOJ in their mission to combat financial criminal and civil investigations. You’ll decipher crypto transactions, dive deep into Blockchain analytics, Open Internet, including the Dark Web, and more! Make a difference in the DOJ’s Asset Forfeiture Investigation Support Services’ mission, one crypto puzzle at a time!

2. Scene Generation Engineer

Do you dream of creating virtual worlds that mirror reality? If you’re a simulation savant, SAIC has the job for you at Eglin AFB as a Jr Scene Generation Engineer. Bring your curiosity, motivation, and knowledge of science, optics, computers and even game engines and art to create simulations for testing advanced optical sensors. These simulations will present scenes to optical sensors that duplicate the real world in real-time.

3. Event Coordinator

Ready to put the “fun” in function? Amentum is hiring an Event Coordinator who knows the ins and outs of planning and organizing conferences, trade shows, seminars, festivals, exhibits, meetings, conventions, and more! You’ll support the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) Science and Technology (S&T) Division at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, working on the Pacific Operational Science and Technology Conference, as well as other workshops and engagements.

4. Sports Nutritionist

Are you passionate about fueling peak performance and optimizing health through nutrition? Booz Allen Hamilton is seeking a Sports Nutritionist to join their team at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. As a nutrition expert, you’ll play a vital role in providing Marines with essential guidance on combatting poor eating habits, enhancing recovery, and maximizing performance. This is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of our Marines.

5. Inertial Fusion Energy, Postdoctoral Researcher

Are you ready to embark on a groundbreaking scientific journey? It’s an exciting time to join the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team that achieved fusion ignition in December 2022, a historic moment in science, opening up new physics regimes and setting the stage for new fusion energy possibilities. As an Inertial Fusion Energy Postdoctoral Researcher, you’ll execute experiments, develop unique diagnostics and diagnostic techniques, and lead frontier research in the area of inertial fusion energy and high-energy-density plasmas. Help shape the future of fusion energy in this thrilling role!

Curious about other cleared careers? Search through our database of thousands of cleared positions and stay tuned for our next roundup of unique jobs. The perfect cleared opportunity for you may be waiting on the horizon.


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