6 Defense Contractor Tips for the First Day on a Client Site

Posted by Rob Riggins

Are you new to the defense contracting world? If you’re starting a new job for your company on a client site, make sure you get things started right.

In addition to the tips in 8 Steps to a Successful Start in a New Cleared Job, here are six additional tips for your first day on a client site:

  1. Remember your credentials. Make sure you have all your credentials such as company badge, state or U.S. issued ID, etc.
  2. Bring your company laptop if it’s approved. Do you have your laptop, wireless card and power cord? Have you registered your laptop with the IT department prior to the first day at the client site?
  3. Who’s the point of contact. Double check your company point of contact at the client site. Often the contact is not a company employee. Have their name and number at your fingertips.
  4. Leave the electronics behind. Remember to leave your cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices in your car or at home. Check out the Prohibited Items graphic above if you are unsure what this includes.
  5. Forget the personal items. Leave your personal items such as photos at home until you have the lay of the land.
  6. Don’t be late. Allow for extra time to arrive on site, make it inside, and to your desk the first day.

If you have questions…ask! You’re representing your company, so make your first impression a good one.


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