A Job Search Primer – How to Effectively Find Your Best Options

Posted by Patra Frame

Here we are with a basics of job search review — and it is all on video. As you know, ClearedJobs.Net has its own YouTube channel with lots of great videos from the recruiters who participate in our Cleared Job Fairs as well as videos from me.

And this is our video festival for job seekers. The basics, all in one place, for you to review and use. Building an effective job search is the fastest way to your success. What do you want to do next? How do you present your experience and knowledge so employers understand and value it? How do you interview? Work a job fair? Ask the right questions? Follow along and we will tell you.

Step 1:  Define your Job Search.  Why are you looking, what options are best?

Step 2: Networking is the most common way to learn about opportunities, check out organizations, get advice and ideas to help you find the best place for you. And most of us are not very good at it or we think we have to connect to a thousand folks. But really it is all about the quality of your connections. Here is a way to make it easy and useful.

Step 3.  You need to create a great resume, show your skills and experience off to your network and potential employers, and be ready to interview. Too much to do? NO! The smart folks start by remembering their past successes – what they did and achieved and go from there to create their marketing materials. Watch Success Stories and you can do this too!

Step 4.  You know what you want to do and you have targeted the best potential employers. Now how do you get them to see your value? Write a great resume using your success stories and avoiding the common mistakes!

Define your value to an employer and demonstrate it:

Step 5.  You are ready for a job fair — here is L-3 recruiter James Dyson on the most common mistakes folks make at job fairs so you can be smarter!

Step 6.  You got the interview!  Now what?
How do you interview successfully?

Ask the Right Questions during an interview:

Now you have the basics for success in your job search. Check out our other videos for many more tips and tricks. Job search changes all the time — and each time you look for a job, you need to revisit what is working now. We try to help with our blog and our videos because we know how critical and how difficult the job search process is. And we want you to be successful in every job you accept!
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