A Look at Commitment to Company Culture: Reinventing Geospatial

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Sidney Medford is Chief Operating Officer at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.

Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi) began with the goal of “doing better.” Our CEO, Stephen Gillotte, had a central belief that the key to delivering high quality services lies in fostering a challenging and fun environment that enables high potential engineers to do their best. To Steve, ‘Reinventing’ means we must continually strive to do better through innovation, expediency of delivery, and efficiency of use…we cannot, and do not, accept the status quo as a limiter.

Today, RGi is a leading Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I) innovator and geospatial expert delivering geospatial systems that provide an Immediate Impact™ for Soldiers and Analysts working on National Security problems.

RGi’s Company Culture

Our focus has always been on providing a great life experience for our employees, and not just a work experience. We have very deliberately created a place where people genuinely care about each other. In terms of culture, RGi believes in purposefully having our worlds collide, meaning our work family is an extension of our family at home (including pets!) and we bring the two together on a regular basis. Pre-COVID it was through our family picnics, horse races, tubing trips, cycling events, softball and soccer teams, game nights, paint nights, trivia nights, happy hours, and many other events. Currently things are more virtual, but we’re still having fun – that will never change!

Does Culture Play a Part in Recruitment

We definitely bring our RGi culture into every candidate experience, whether that experience is through our website, our social media channels, or in an interview. We want people to see and feel how connected we are, and understand the great life experience RGi offers.

How Has Company Culture Been Impacted by COVID-19

For us it’s about adapting, being efficient, and executing for the safety of our Nation. Over the past several months, we have experimented with a number of new approaches to embrace our agile nature. Those that are sticking, we keep doing. And things that didn’t take off, well…it was at least a good idea! Things that are working for us are using Zoom for video conferencing – both for business and social connections. Just seeing people’s faces goes a long way. We have also switched our usual Friday morning company-sponsored breakfast event to be a Friday afternoon virtual happy hour, which has been received well. We all hop on Zoom together and enjoy our beverage of choice.

In terms of making sure people are comfortable and productive in their home office space, we have encouraged people to take home their laptops, monitors, docking stations, and even their chairs if they want to. We’ve also told every single employee to expense up to $400 on anything else that will make their home work space more functional and enjoyable. Other ways we’ve kept our team feeling connected are through a virtual Zoom wine tasting, where we shipped everyone in the company two bottles of wine from a California vineyard, and did a wine tasting with the vintners. We’ve also had a leading medical professional speak to our team on the facts and myths about COVID-19, as well as some healthy ways to manage our new environments.

I’m confident that morale will remain high on our team, as our sense of community and culture keeps us together regardless of geography. So what if we’re not physically together – we’re replicating our culture in cyberspace. We’re still having our social engagements, we’re just reinventing them to fit the situation as it is now.

Has COVID-19 Affected RGi’s Sense of Community

Throughout our COVID-19 experience we’ve learned just how agile we really are, but our sense of community has not shifted. We still see each other’s faces on Zoom, we still have silly conversations on Slack, and we still care about each other, our company, and doing great work that has an immediate impact on National Security. Getting back to “normal” isn’t necessarily the goal. The goal is simply moving forward and providing that great life experience we’ve always focused on.

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Maintaining and nurturing our culture is a critical, top-of-mind, daily focus area for our team. We work together, play together, learn from each other, and laugh with each other on a daily basis. Whether you’re a technical or a non-technical member of our team is irrelevant; we are a family, quirks and all.


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