April 7 Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Story

Posted by Kathleen Smith

We caught up with job seeker Dale Brandt at yesterday’s Cleared Job Fair in Springfield, VA. Dale was a Cleared Job Fair attendee several years ago. Now that he’s back in the job market Dale has returned to visit with us. 

Dale is seeking a position in hard-core science. He has an MS in Physics and his interests lead him to seek a technical vs. managerial position. If an employer needs 3D simulations for nuclear subs, missile defense, algorithm development, modeling & simulation, physics, vector calculus and the like, Dale is the man.

Dale joined LinkedIn about two months ago, so he’s still getting his feet wet with the most professional of the social media channels. He’s joined a couple of groups on LinkedIn and is networking to make himself more visible in the job market. Dale’s profile is on ClearedJobs.Net, and his resume is set to public so recruiters can find him and review his resume. 

At the Cleared Job Fair today Dale talked to a number of employers. He thinks his skill set and job goals fit with a medium to larger firm, although he is open to working for smaller firms as well. The employers Dale talked to yesterday that had a particular interest were L-3 Communications GSES, General Dynamics-IT, Lockheed-Martin, TASC, SAIC, Boeing and Invertix. We wish Dale the best of luck in his job search!


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2 thoughts on “April 7 Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Story”

  1. I've known Dale for years, as a matter of fact decades, and in all those years I find Dale to be extremely honest and precise in everything he gets involved in. His integrity is impeccable. He's even wrote back to publishers of technical books pointing out mistakes that no ordinary person would find. Anyone who hires Dale would be very lucky indeed.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Ray. I've known Dale since college and he's one of the most dedicated, hard-working people I've ever known. He never gives less than his very best.

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