“Ask Patra!” Column … Edition #008

Posted by Patra Frame

Each week, Patra Frame, a frequent presenter at the Cleared Job Fairs will answer a job seekers question. These are questions that are either asked at the Cleared Job Fairs or sent into Patra. The questions can range from job searching, interviewing, or career strategy.

This week’s question:

Q: I was wondering what the rules are now for calling potential employers after applying.  Should you call or not? How long do you wait to call?

A: If the job is advertised and the ad says no calls, you do not call.  Although you can still email.  If there is no statement about ‘no calls’, then you can follow-up with a phone call.  Usually best to wait 10 days – 2 weeks minimum and rarely worth more than 2 calls.

Other option is to follow up first time with a hard copy of your application — increases your chances that someone actually saw your stuff.

But remember most posted jobs are generating a lot of applicants so none of this is worth your time unless you already:

  • meet almost all the requirements
  • have done your homework on the organization and shown how you could contribute based on your research plus your experience.

A better approach for most folks is to work their network to find a contact in an organization which has a job that interests them.  Make a connection to find out more about the opportunity and what it offers so that you can present yourself at your best in your resume and cover letter.  If you make a good connection with someone there, you could also ask the person if they would be willing to give you the hiring manager’s contact information so you could apply directly (in addition to the normal application process) or to personally refer you to the hiring manager.

You need to be and look comfortable with modern job search methods. Your online presence needs to be sharp and up to date. Your resume needs to demonstrate the value you can add immediately in the terms and keywords vital to the targeted employer’s needs. And how you look and act and respond when contacted all need to be checked out — too many of us grey-haired folks sound less than energetic or enthusiastic or present a little out-dated look. Ask close friends for feedback on anything about your personal presentation and style that they think could be improved.

Good hunting!

About Patra Frame

Patricia Frame is an experienced human resources consultant and executive. She has managed development of HR and administrative functions, organization development, employment, process restructuring for productivity, compensation, training, and the human resources aspects of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. For more information, please visit

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