August Podcast Roundup: Find Robust Opportunities and Where Ethics Win Honors

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Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How is brought to you by ClearedJobs.Net and hosted by Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman. Tune in to meet our guest host, Courtney Schwarten, featured in some of our August episodes. Our August round-up included:

  • Stephanie Lovett, Talent Acquisition Specialist / Strategic Recruiting Lead with Leidos
  • Dr. Jim Rebesco, CEO of Striveworks
  • Mike “Gio” Giovanetti, Talent Acquisition & Retention Director with Axiologic Solutions
  • Sherif Wahby, head of Talent Acquisition for Markon Solutions, an Anser Advisory Company
  • Darrell Eplee, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager for the Cyber & Intelligence Business Unit at Jacobs

Our recent episodes will set you up for a productive autumn with so many leads on where your career can take you next. Lots of cleared job openings, award-winning ethical companies, folks who promote a satisfying culture, putting an emphasis on employee retention, and robust learning environments. You will be at least one step ahead of candidates who don’t take advantage of the solid information our guests have shared.

Leidos | Stephanie Lovett

With six years under her belt at Leidos, Stephanie is very proud they are a four-time honoree as one of the world’s most ethical companies. And opportunities are abundant. The core capabilities at Leidos are cyber ops, digital modernization, integrated systems, mission ops and mission software systems. Their greatest recruitment need is for software developers.

To get your resume to stand out when applying to Leidos, speak to the requirements of the job posting, use a chronological format and detail your clearance and capabilities up front. Develop good connections and don’t over-apply because that clouds what you’re really looking for.

Stephanie is passionate about matching the right candidate to the right opportunity. You can reach her via LinkedIn. If you can find Leidos at a Cleared Job Fair in your area, you will make a bigger impact if you have a specific position you’re interested in versus being open-ended.

Listen to the episode here >>

Striveworks | Dr. Jim Rebesco

Striveworks was created around the principals of how to build models quickly, how to maintain them and how to adapt to a changing world in national security. Software engineers, data scientists and data engineers are their primary cleared hiring need with positions in the DC, Tampa, Hawaii, and North Carolina regions.

One of the exciting aspects of working for a smaller company like Striveworks is that opportunities are more robust – employees can wear different hats and expand their skill set. It’s an invigorating experience.

If you are looking for an opportunity with a small company that’s growing and offering diverse responsibilities, you can reach Jim via the website at

Listen to the episode here >>

Axiologic Solutions | Mike “Gio” Giovanetti

Axiologic Solutions prides itself on being a forward-thinking company and Mike puts his focus on employee retention versus simple acquisition. He takes time to listen to employees and work with them to keep them happy. One advantage for the cleared candidate is that Axio can upgrade a TS/SCI to a CI Poly on some contracts.

Most of the opportunities for cleared jobs are in the DC metro area and the hiring needs include software engineers, scrum masters, acquisition specialists and acquisition management. While most of the work requires employees to be on-site, Axio is in discussion with their customers about working toward a flexible remote policy.

If you are a cleared professional who can think beyond the basics of what is presented to you, you should reach out to Mike via LinkedIn or through the company website. He will pass your information to the appropriate recruiter.

Listen to the episode here >>

Markon Solutions | Sherif Wahby

Markon Solutions is the federal arm of Anser Advisory, and they are primed for growth, predicting to double revenue in the next several years. Their work for the State Department requires Secret / Top Secret clearances for electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and architects. They are in particular need of systems engineers, IT project managers, and cyber software developers.

Markon is a big believer in investing in veteran talent, appreciating the work ethic they bring. To make the path easier for transitioning vets, Markon brings in service buddies during the interview process who can serve as a sounding board and real-life example. Sherif is also proud of their Ambassador Program which links up employees who live in the same area for fun bonding adventures.

Sherif wants to hear from you and he says the best way to connect is via LinkedIn.

Listen to the episode here >>

Jacobs | Darrell Eplee

At Jacobs there is a culture of caring that they strive to live every day. If that resonates with you, maybe you should jump on one of their 300 cleared job openings. Their biggest needs are for SharePoint developers, software engineers/developers, system admins and data engineers located mostly in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Jacobs is the prime on many government contracts which means they are the owner or the lead company with the possibility of multiple sub-contracts. Jacobs recruiters work hard to give all candidates every detail about a position – a day in the life. This offers candidates a sense of security that they know the big picture.

Darrell reminds candidates to be informed about the company they are interviewing with – or as he likes to frame it – discussions – which lets people relax a bit. If you want to relax into a great position with Jacobs, you can reach him at [email protected].

Listen to the episode here >>

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