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  • Net – Work – Ing

    Networking. It’s important to job search the same way planting seeds in the spring time is important to someone hoping for vegetables in the fall. Like gardening, it can be harder than it looks. Once you know how to plant the seeds, however, it makes perfect sense and becomes e… more

  • Do Service Branches Have Different Leadership Styles

    In November, 2010, Harvard Business Review had a special issue largely focused on things the private world could learn from the military. One of the articles in that issue that immediately stuck with me focused on the different leadership styles that each service cultivates. The … more

  • Transitioning Military Sell Your Talent Not Your Title

    There’s a lot of PR going on right now around the topic of veteran hiring. Private organizations are picking up on the terrific talent pool coming out of the armed forces and many even have specific outreach programs designed to attract recently separated military personnel. Le… more

  • Use Your Last Duty Station as a Springboard for Success

    Transition. It’s the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. In the case of the veteran we know where we start (active duty) and we know where we want to end up (employed). But anyone who thinks they can wait until their final year in the servi… more

  • Empathy for Veterans and Recruiters

    Many veterans on the job hunt get frustrated because they feel like potential employers don’t understand or appreciate their experiences. While this is often true, we have to remember that empathy goes both ways. Service members also need to find ways to understand the unique c… more