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  • Recruiter Nightmares: The Copy and Paste Resume

    “I was told to copy the job description online to ensure key words were in my resume,” is something I often hear from resume clients. Job seekers copy and paste ‘everything’ from the online announcement, but can’t understand why they are ignored. Copying and pastin… more

  • Focus on Leadership Capabilities for a Career Change

    Are you describing yourself as a Director, Manager, Supervisor, or a Team Lead on your cleared resume? It doesn’t matter if you are a help desk team lead supervising other support colleagues, or a project manager who manages cross-functional colleagues. Showcasing your ability … more

  • 120 Powerful Resume Words to Get A Cleared Job

    Some of the issues I encounter when reviewing job seekers’ resumes are descriptions loaded with subjective language, misleading inclusivity, or passive language. Examples are: Performed flawlessly - subjective, provide results instead of an adjective. Responsible for t… more

  • Name-Dropping for Your Next Job

    There is an advantage to knowing people in high places, and it’s not hard to ride their coattails into success in your own career. Think about famous singers who were opening acts for other popular performers who got positive exposure in concerts. Think about Lieutenant Governo… more

  • Keep Your Options Open After Being Rejected

    You have gotten a rejection letter for the job for which you interviewed. You say a few choice words under your breath and of course, you are always curious about why someone else was chosen. You may never get the real answer, mostly because the company needs to protect themselve… more