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  • Criminal Conduct and Your Security Clearance

    So you’ve recently been charged, cited, or arrested for some type of criminal conduct, and you’re wondering whether or how it will affect your security clearance. The answer: It depends. First, you should be aware that you have a duty to report certain offenses to your fac… more

  • How Missing SF86 Information Affects Your Security Clearance Eligibility

    Too often applicants do not take the completion of the SF86 Questionnaire seriously enough, resulting in detrimental effects later on. Specifically agencies look to the SF86 to determine if you are completely honest about issues and incidents in your background. If you omit requi… more

  • Security Clearance Verifiers and References on the SF86

    Security clearance background investigations can be time consuming. Providing all the pertinent and relevant information on the SF86 Questionnaire when you complete it facilitates the expeditious completion of your background investigation, especially if it covers activities in t… more

  • Security Clearance Reciprocity

    Will your clearance transfer from one agency to another? The answer is “It depends.” The U.S. Office of Personnel Management conducts the background investigations for the majority of federal government agencies. However there are several that conduct their own investigati… more

  • Automated Continuing Evaluation System and Your Security Clearance

    Depending on the level of clearance you hold, you will be reinvestigated for your fitness to hold a security clearance either every five, 10, or 15 years. In between the updated background investigations, clearance holders are required to report to their security manager certa… more