Bike Ride to Support Wounded EOD Warriors, How It Began and How You Can Help

Posted by Kathleen Smith

As part of ClearedJobs.Net’s support of the military, we’re actively involved in the Undefeated 2-Day Ride to support the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation (WEODWF). There are many wonderful organizations that provide support to our country’s wounded warriors. That’s something of which we can all be proud – the charitable and giving nature of the American spirit.

How It All Began

There are many ways to be actively involved with an organization. You can be a donor, volunteer, board member, service provider or any combination thereof. What started out as a group of self-described “aging athletes” has turned into a well-run fundraising machine to support their brothers and sisters in the EOD community.

It all started with a simple “Do you mind if we help out?” email from Carter Goodnough, ClearedJobs.Net VP Sales to John Nixon, ClearedJobs.Net VP Operations. Carter is the chief organizer for the Train of Pain, a grueling 500+ mile week-long bike ride through scenic parts of the Western United States. Train of Pain is akin to the Tour de France with its challenging hills and daily awarding of a “jersey.”

This year’s tag line was “Train of Pain-Rapidly aging has-beens clinging to their glory days and testing the very limits of lycra with a tour along the roads of Sacramento’s Gold Country.” Many of the participants are from the EOD Unit stationed in San Diego along with service men and women from all military branches.

Two years ago on a Train of Pain ride the group decided it was time to do something more. They decided to raise money for those who suffered EOD injuries the only way they knew how…by riding really long bike rides. Drawing on the resources of their local community, the first Undefeated 2-Day Ride took 37 riders over 200 miles and raised $80,000 for the WEODWF. Building upon this success, last year 80 riders raised over $170,000.

“This event recognizes both the sacrifices of our EOD heroes, and the foundation that is dedicated to providing much needed financial support to the warriors and their families,” says Kevin Childre, LCDR, Executive Officer, EOD Training and Evaluation Unit ONE, U.S. Navy EOD and club lead on the Undefeated 2-Day Ride. “This event is a way for the community to support our brave and dedicated warriors for their sacrifices.”

This Year’s Ride and How You Can Help

This year’s Undefeated 2-Day Ride is October 7-10. How can you help?

  • Support one of the riders with your donation
  • Be a Virtual Rider on your own bike or in the gym
  • Ride the 160 miles from Santa Monica to San Diego!

Cheer the guys on via their Facebook page, and help us support the riders!


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