How to Block Your Current Employer from Viewing Your ClearedJobs.Net Account

Posted by Rob Riggins

Don’t want your current employer to know that you’re looking for a new job? Not a problem. You can set up your ClearedJobs.Net job seeker profile so recruiters can find you, but recruiters from your current employer can not.

Three easy steps and you’re on your way to a new cleared job.

1. Log in to your ClearedJobs.Net account. From the My Account Dashboard click on View your Profile.

2. From the Profile screen click on Block Employers.

ClearedJobs.Net Block Employers

3. From the Block Employers screen start typing the name of an employer you wish to block and it should appear as an option in the drop down box. Click Block and the employer name you selected will then appear on the right. You can block more than one employer if you wish.

To unblock an employer, simply check the box next to the employer name and click Unblock.

If you have questions please contact our Customer Service team at 703-871-0037, Option 4, or via email [email protected].



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