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  • One Woman’s Journey from Clerical Worker to Cyber Warrior

    There are many interesting paths and stories leading to a career in cybersecurity. In this article Jen Havermann, Raytheon Portfolio Manager Cyber Intelligence & Analysis Programs, shares her tale. Her hands smeared with typewriter ribbon ink and smudged with carbon copy pap… more

  • How Cybersecurity Training Helped 4 Cleared Professionals

    As we shared in how an IT professional can transition to a cybersecurity career, free or low-cost cybersecurity training is available in the metro DC area for cleared professionals with some IT experience. Here are four real-world examples from cleared professionals who succes… more

  • Matt Devost at DEFCON

    Matt Devost, President and CEO at FusionX, sat down last week with Ivy Thomas to discuss his insights on cyber, DEFCON and more. Ivy Thomas How long have you been attending DEFCON? Matt Devost That's a good question. I don't know the exact year I started. 16 or 17 years or … more

  • DEFCON 22 Insider’s Report

    DEFCON is the world's longest running and largest underground hacking conference, held annually in Las Vegas. We asked DEFCON veteran Ivy Thomas to share her experiences with us. At DEFCON it’s hard to get any sleep. It’s hard to get everything done. You’ll want to, bu… more

  • A Cyber Warrior’s Journey to Leidos

    Shane Jaeger, Senior Business Development Manager, Leidos, is a 27-year Navy veteran who does a great job sharing on his LinkedIn Profile why a company would want to hire him. Here is an excerpt: How does being a veteran line up with being successful in the world of business d… more