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  • How an IT Professional Can Transition to a Cyber Security Career

    From banking and healthcare to government contractors and intel agencies, you can’t look anywhere today without seeing something about cyber security. Whether it’s the challenges that are facing us from cyber security threats to the growing number of employment opportunities … more

  • Cyber Workforce Conundrum

    Each day we hear a new report about the challenges in finding IT professionals to fill an ever mounting number of cybersecurity positions. From commercial to the government contracting space, organizations realize their increased vulnerabilities, and their need to have teams to p… more

  • The Cyber Security Workforce of the Future

    Highlights from #AFCEA Answers, hosted by Max Cacas. Guests Dr. Ron Ross from ‪#‎NIST; Pat Delaney from University of Maryland University College; and Chris May, with Carnegie Mellon University CERT Program. The program airs at 2:05pm on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in the D.C.… more

  • Cyber Security Is for All of Us

    Defense Secretary Defense Leon Panetta warned of a potential “cyber-Pearl Harbor” yesterday in a speech at the Intrepid Museum in New York while making a push for cyber security legislation. While some may say this is overstatement, the threat is real. It comes to life whe… more

  • Transitioning Military Learning to Fight A New Battle: Cybersecurity Leadership

    “What are you going to do next?” It’s the first question everyone asks when you let them know that you are finishing your stint with the armed services. Perhaps you have the answer — and perhaps you’re still trying to make out what will make the best use of your skills … more