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  • How to Apply for a 1099 Gig on ClearedJobs.Net

    In 2020, I received three 1099 offers that started with me uploading a resume to ClearedJobs.Net. The first was with a company supporting DHS for $130/hour. The second was for a contract at ODNI offering $144/hour. The third was for an NGA contract that I ended up taking … more

  • December Podcast Roundup: Make 2023 Your Year for Career Advancement

    Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How is brought to you by ClearedJobs.Net and hosted by Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman. Our December round-up includes: Best resume writing tips from our 2022 podcast guestsDD Piotter, Lead Technical Recruiter, Maxar Technolog… more

  • How to Find More Jobs You’re Interested In

    Job postings can be a tough nut to crack. There’s no real standard way to write a posting, and contract requirements sometimes restrict the amount of information that an employer can share about a position. That’s why the average cleared job seeker doesn’t always fi… more

  • The Most Popular Cleared Jobs in 2022

    When you’re looking for a new cleared job, research is your friend. As they say, knowledge is power. Part of that research includes understanding if you have a lot of competition. The ease of your job search depends on your skills, how in-demand those skills are, your geog… more

  • The 10 Most Read Articles of 2022

    As we count down to the new year, we’re taking a look back at our most-read articles of 2022. Security clearance topics garnered the most interest, as is often the case. Do any of these articles grab your attention? 10. What You Need to Know About Continuous Monitoring… more