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    Not all resumes are alike—or even follow the same rules. When it comes to the resume you post on a job board like ClearedJobs.Net, some of the traditional strategies apply, but there are tweaks needed for success. We've all heard about tailoring resumes, but today, we’re… more

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  • 5 Unique Cleared Careers to Discover

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    With thousands of cleared openings at the tip of your cursor, ClearedJobs.Net offers both a blessing and a curse. The opportunities are endless—and that’s the challenge right there. Who has time to sort through tens of thousands of roles? If you don’t have the right st… more

  • 10 Most Listened to Podcast Episodes

    If you paid attention to your Spotify Wrapped list in 2023, there's a good chance there were some Taylor Swift hits for some of you. While it's hard to compete with the most-streamed artist worldwide, we had several episodes of Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How… more