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  • Is It Worth Searching for a Job During the Summer?

    There’s a myth that hiring goes on hold in the summer. People are off vacationing and nobody is left in the office to make hiring decisions, right? Wrong. Hiring does continue throughout the summer season. In fact, it’s often a great time to focus on your job search, … more

  • Check Out These 5 Interesting Cleared Careers

    In the cleared community we often see countless openings for Engineers and Analysts, but are you familiar with cleared opportunities for Architects or Family Counselors? While jobs like these may not appear frequently across your radar, there are many unique positions in the… more

  • Our May Podcasts: Four Recruiters and Great Intel

    Security Cleared Jobs: Who’s Hiring & How is brought to you by ClearedJobs.Net and hosted by Kathleen Smith and Rachel Bozeman. Our May guests included: Meg Duba, talent acquisition professional with Idaho National Laboratory; Joshua Ewell, Director of Human Resources … more

  • Three Ways to Act Like a Consultant for Career Success

    Note: This article is adapted from the author’s book, Going 1099: How to become a solo federal sub-contractor and gain control of your working life, earn more money, and unlock more free time. If you want to become a solo 1099 sub-contractor or improve your value as an … more

  • The 4 Job Search Questions You Need To Think About

    I recently read a rant by a job seeker who said no application should take any more effort than sending his resume, and a one-hour interview should be enough for a company to make an offer. While many hiring processes could be improved, the match between a company and an app… more