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  • Here’s How to Start Your New Job On the Right Foot

    Congratulations!  You’ve landed that cleared job you wanted and your first day is approaching. You were smart about your job search and now you will need to put those same smarts into a strategy for being successful in the new role. From day one you will need to start build… more

  • Delivering an Effective Presentation

    Some job seekers are asked to make a presentation as a part of their interview process. If they deliver an effective presentation to the interview team, they’ll likely move on to the next step of the interview process. If they deliver a great presentation they may find themselv… more

  • If You Think You May Lose Your Job

    No one wants to admit they are going to be terminated or laid off. But in the defense and intel contracting community, it certainly isn’t unusual. Contracts end. Budgets are cut. Still, it’s a blow to the ego. We all want to believe we’re irreplaceable. After all, many o… more

  • Powerful Writing Results in Success

    Powerful writing changes lives. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. Throughout my thirty years active duty in the Air Force and several years thereafter. Influential writing opens doors to promotion, fellowships, internships, scholarships, grants, career-broadening opportunities, com… more

  • Stay in Touch with your Network: A 5-Step Model

    When job seekers I’ve worked with land their new job, I ask them this question: “What are you going to do with your new-found network? You know, that network of contacts that you built during the course of your job search.” “Stay in touch?” they say. “How?”… more