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  • Post event recap: ClearedJobs.Net sponsored *Train of Pain* bicycle team’s ToP III 2009

    This blog post recaps our bike team's * Train of Pain * 5-day cyclo-tour in Southern California held on May 21, 2009.The 21st of May marked the completion a 5-day cyclo-tour, known as of the Train of Pain (ToP). Sponsored by the Canari-Navy/ Cycling Club, this yea… more

  • Tactics for Using LinkedIn as an Employment Search Tool

    The information tips below have been contributed by David Steinbach, a recruiter currently at Northrop Grumman – Aerospace Systems – Adaptive Optics Associates, who is actively recruiting Optics technologists that have current Top Secret security clearances in hand for r… more

  • “Ask Patra!” Column … Edition #002

    Each week, Patra Frame, a frequent presenter at the Cleared Job Fairs will answer a job seekers question. These are questions that are either asked at the Cleared Job Fairs or sent into Patra. If you could like to send in a question to Patra, you may do so here. The questions can… more

  • Pay It Forward Friday

    On Twitter there is a weekly Friday event called #FollowFriday which is how people recommend other people to worthy of following and keeping up with. Participating in #FollowFriday is a great way to expand your network. Building upon this theme, I would like to start "Pay It Forw… more

  • ClearedJobs.Net’s Kathleen Smith recaps, shares thoughts on MilBlogging conference 2009

    Having attended many conferences over the years from internet marketing to defense and intelligence, I did not know what to expect when I signed up the MilBlogging 2009 conference that took place in Arlington, VA on April 24-25.I had heard about the conference on Twitter. O… more