Undefeated 2-Day Bike Ride for Wounded EOD Technicians

Posted by Rob Riggins

For the fourth consecutive year ClearedJobs.Net is sponsoring the Undefeated Two Day Bike Ride, Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7. The ride covers nearly 200-miles of scenic Southern California coastline.

Last year’s ride raised nearly $220,000. This year’s goal is to raise over $250,000 to support wounded Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians through the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.

EOD techs are a small and elite group of military specialists who are trained to disarm bombs, to protect their fellow service members, and the innocents nearby. Due to the nature of their work, EOD technicians experience the highest percentage rates of injuries within the military.

About the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation

The Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that funds and supports military EOD families caring for their loved ones at military medical facilities across the country. Funds help fly family out to Bethesda Naval Hospital to support and aid in recovery; modify cars with hand controls so that amputees can drive and maintain independence; build wheelchair ramps in wounded EOD warriors’ homes…and much more.

You Can Participate from Anywhere

Virtual riders across the globe have participated in the ride. Riders as far away as Bahrain raise funds and ride the same number of miles on the same two days in October. Born of the idea to include more riders like these, a second 2-Day Undefeated Bike Ride in Fort Eglin Air Force Base in Florida was launched for 2012. Ft. Eglin is where EOD Techs from all branches of the military are trained to disarm and render safe explosives. For more info on being a virtual rider, click here.

Our Participation

As a veteran-owned company we are proud to sponsor the event. But we’d also like to recognize Carter Goodnough, VP of Sales, who donates his time to organize and produce the event, and VP of Operations, John Nixon, who will be riding and raising funds.


To help support these wounded EOD techs and their families, donations can be made at

Video From Last Year’s Ride



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