Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023

Posted by Ashley Jones
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National Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a special opportunity to honor and celebrate the unsung heroes of our military. It’s a chance to recognize the incredible resilience, strength, and sacrifices of military spouses who support their husbands and wives on active duty. This special day was first proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 to honor military wives, husbands, and partners for their countless personal sacrifices.

The challenges that military spouses face are numerous: they often endure months apart from their loved ones, move frequently, and have to adapt to new environments and communities. They also have to deal with the stress and uncertainty that comes with being the spouse of a military member.

Despite these challenges, military spouses continue to be a vital support system for their families and a source of inspiration for their communities. They are the backbone of the military family, providing unwavering love, care, and support to their partners and children.

Celebrate Military Spouses with Us

This year military spouses will be honored May 12, the Friday prior to Mother’s Day. In 2009, ClearedJobs.Net launched an effort to honor spouses from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces using the Twitter handle @MilSpouseDay and we continue to hold this initiative in high regard as a small token of how much we value what these families do for our country.

You can follow our initiative this year through May 12 via Twitter. Join us in recognizing and applauding this special group of men and women.

There are many ways to show your support and appreciation, whether you’re a family member, friend, neighbor, or employer. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Send a personalized note or care package to a military spouse you know. Let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifices and offer words of encouragement and support.
  • Offer to help with tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking meals, or taking care of children. This can be a huge help to military spouses who may have to juggle multiple responsibilities on their own.
  • Finally, take the time to listen to military spouses and understand their unique challenges and needs. By showing empathy and support, you can help military spouses feel valued and appreciated.

If you know a military spouse struggling to find employment, offer to:

  • Proofread and review their resume.
  • Help them rehearse for an interview (i.e. a mock interview where you practice asking them common interview questions).
  • Connect them with someone in your network who may be able to help.

So let’s all take a moment to celebrate and honor the military spouses in our lives. Let’s thank them for their service, their sacrifice, and their unwavering love. And let’s make sure they know that they are never alone and always appreciated.


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