Cleared Jobs with the Most Views and Most Applications in 2015

Posted by Rob Riggins

Research Analyst, FCiFederalOur ten most viewed cleared jobs of the year and the ten cleared jobs receiving the most job seeker applications of 2015 are detailed below.

What does this information tell you as a cleared job seeker? It gives you a very rough idea of which positions are in most demand by cleared job seekers. That means if you are in these fields you have probably a lot of competition, and the supply of job seekers for these skill sets is likely higher than for other types of positions.

Cleared Jobs with the Most Views

1. Warehouse Specialist – AECOM

2. Background Investigator – Omniplex

3. Financial Investigator – Deloitte

4. Protective Security Officer – Frontline Security Services

5. Research Analyst – FCi Federal

6. Research Assistant – RAND

7. Professional Linguists – Szanca Solutions

8. Administrative Support – Sciolex

9. Logistics Support – Northrop Grumman

10. Declassification General Consultant – FCi Federal

Cleared Jobs Receiving the Most Applications

1. Background Investigator – Omniplex

2. Administrative Support (Various) – Sciolex

3. All Source Intelligence Analysts (Multiple Positions) – Syntelligent Analytic Solutions

4. Program Support Analyst (Interim Secret) – DEI – Defense Engineering

5. Research Analyst – FCi Federal

6. Tier I Help Desk Specialist – Salient CRGT

7. Junior Declassification Analyst – AECOM

8. DOJ Armed Justice Protective Service Officer – Centerra

9. Financial Investigator – Deloitte

10. Warehouse Specialist – AECOM

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