Decide This Before Writing Your Resume

Posted by Patra Frame

Before you write a resume decide – what type of work are you seeking?

A resume is a ‘hook’ to capture an employer’s attention. It has to be focused on both what a specific type of job requires and what an employer requires. Then you take your past achievements and successes and write about them in the terms relevant to the job you want.

Far too many resumes are useless because the job seeker has several potential options in mind. Or, worse, has not really thought about what specific jobs are good next steps. These resumes are never seen by hiring managers – they disappear into ‘black holes’ in recruiters desks and applicant tracking systems.

So, first think about the job or jobs you are most interested in. Create a resume for each job. You’ll have a focused resume that represents you at your best for networking and job fairs. Then you can tailor it a little for specific employers as you make those connections.

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Patra Frame is ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist. She is an experienced human resources executive and founder of Strategies for Human Resources. Patra is an Air Force veteran and charter member of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.


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