Deloitte Offers Career Guidance to Veterans Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Deloitte has recently announced that, in collaboration with American Corporate Partners, a team of its people will volunteer to mentor veterans who have recently completed their service to our country and are returning to the private sector.  American Corporate Partners is a national program dedicated to assisting veterans with career development through mentoring relationships with professionals from leading American companies.  Deloitte is also contributing $50,000 to the nonprofit.

“Deloitte has a deeply rooted culture of service and we are committed to contributing our knowledge and experience to help people and communities thrive,” said Robert J. Kueppers, deputy chief executive officer of Deloitte LLP.  “We also have a profound appreciation for the men and women in our Armed Forces so it is an honor and a privilege for us to help some in the military community to transition to the private sector.”

The program is open to veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001, as well to the spouses of those severely wounded or killed in action.  Approximately 50 Deloitte professionals will be matched with veterans in Chicago, San Francisco and Washington D.C. — three of the cities in which there are currently waiting lists for mentors. Each Deloitte mentor will agree to a one-year commitment, during which he or she will have monthly meetings with their veteran “proteges.”

In offering this unique program, American Corporate Partners’ objectives are to:

  • Assist service men and women in their transition from the armed services to private enterprise
  • Provide veterans the opportunity to evaluate and enhance their current civilian career path
  • Develop and strengthen the network of veterans and corporate leaders in the private sector
  • Provide veterans with opportunities to leverage their military skills and experiences in their civilian careers

“With so many veterans returning to a tough job market, the need for guidance and advice on career issues is very real,” said Sid Goodfriend, founder of American Corporate Partners. “Deloitte’s people will bring an enormous amount of practical experience and insight to the mentor/protege relationships; we are confident that the veterans with whom Deloitte personnel work will reap tremendous benefit.”

Deloitte joins a growing list of companies that support the program. For more information, or to apply, veterans should visit

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