Department of Defense Provides Unlimited Tutoring and Career Help at No Charge for All U.S. Military Families

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Military service members and their dependents around the world can now work with a certified, professional tutor online 24/7 to get help with homework, studying, test prep, resume writing, and more, the minute they need it, thanks to a Department of Defense (DoD) funded contract with Students of any age, from kindergartners to high school seniors, as well as adult learners, may use the service to connect to an expert tutor for one-to-one help in math, science, social studies and English, as well as assistance with resume writing and even interview preparation.

Thousands of Marine Corps and Army family members have used the service to get online live, one-to-one help over the past year and a half. “This is great help for me and my brother because our dad is away and cannot help us with our homework. This helps ALOT! Thank you!!,” wrote a Fort Hood Army student in a comment left after his tutoring session.

The Department of Defense is now providing the program worldwide to all students, regardless of where they attend school. This program is provided by the Department of Defense as a Benefit to all United States active duty military service members, U.S. military reservists, U.S. National Guard personnel on active duty in a deployed status, DoD civilians in a deployed status, and their dependents.

“Providing 24/7 academic and career support for military families during a time when so many parents have a deployed spouse has been an important and well-received benefit for Marine Corps and Army families,” said Tommy T. Thomas, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Military Community and Family Policy. “We are pleased to expand this program to all U.S. military families and provide peace of mind that their children are never alone when it comes to learning – there is always a certified, professional tutor available to help.”

The network of over 1,800 professional tutors and career specialists have delivered more than 5 million one-to-one tutoring and career sessions, since 2001. Each tutor is certified through and has completed a third-party background check. All sessions are recorded and reviewed for quality control. Online homework help and career assistance is available at all military installation libraries and from any computer with internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by visiting


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