Do Cleared Job Seekers Love Your Employer Brand?

Posted by Kathleen Smith

83% of HR leaders think a strong employer brand is critical (1)The task of recruiting top talent gets tougher every year, especially when unemployment is low and trained candidates can be difficult to identify.  There are multiple articles and many suggestions on ways to improve the process but consider one over-arching factor that could make a recruiter’s job less difficult:  employer brand.

The employer brand (which is different from the company brand) reflects your organization’s standing as a desirable place to work.  Improving the employer brand can make the difference between a gaggle of top candidates and a sad, empty inbox.

When reviewing your employer brand, consider the research which indicates that 2 out of 3 employees would accept a lower salary in order to work for a company with a solid reputation.  Of the qualities that make up the brand’s reputation the most appealing to job seekers was working for a company who operates transparently.

Transparency is vital to the whole team because it allows employees to understand how their work fits into and benefits company goals.  When a company ups the transparency ante it lets employees and potential employees know that they put a premium on communication and accountability.

Put a Spotlight on Company Culture

A clear and honest look at your organization will pay off in pulling in the best and brightest candidates.  Job seekers aren’t just interested in what their job will entail, they also very interested in understanding day-to-day life at the company. A transparent brand allows them to have a glimpse into your world before they make any job decisions.

Research indicates that today’s savvy job seekers investigate potential employers through resources like Glassdoor to gather insight on the organization.  Make it a priority to remove any shroud of secrecy and show candidates that you put a premium on workplace transparency.

You may already take advantage of social media platforms for your recruiting efforts, but make sure you are also using this opportunity to showcase company culture. Candidates want that peak into what the 9-5 dynamic will be like.  And be sure that transparency doesn’t end with on-boarding; all new hires should understand and be aligned with company objectives.

Open Communication is Vital

Whether it’s branding efforts to attract top talent or keeping current employees engaged, open communication is vital. A recent survey indicates that less than 6% of companies indicate they communicate goals on a regular basis.  That’s staggering low.

This communication is a terrific place to start building your transparency reputation.  Goals, expectations and results should be discussed on a frequent basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly?  The timing isn’t as important as the consistency.  And the open communication needs to come from the top down, from the executive level decisions makers through the ranks to the teams who do the day-to-day work. Everyone needs to know how their contribution fits into the big picture.

Take advantage of this open communication to build the employer brand.  Use your website, public relations, and social media to share success stories and indicate how team efforts led to the achievement. Everybody wants to be part of a winning team – including that top talent you are working hard to attract.

Transparent Brands Encourage Employee Referrals

Smart recruiters know that employee referrals are one of the most valuable means to attract candidates.  But if current employees are not feeling the love why would they recommend a friend join them in the workplace?

This is another benefit of internal transparency, that open communication discussed above.  When employees feel valued they want to shout your praises to anyone who will listen. They want to share their professional joy with their friends and former colleagues.  Maybe even brag about it.

Take that communication to the next level and regularly inform your employees that referrals are important.  Communicate how the new hires will fit into the company objectives so that referrals can be on target to needs.  Set up a reward program.  Talk about success stories.

Do you want potential candidates and current employees to connect with your employer branding and feel the love? The magic potion could well be just pulling back the curtain and giving a peek at what makes you a great company and a terrific place to work.


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