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CDSEAll of us in the security cleared community are familiar with the DoD Defense Security Service (DSS) which is responsible for providing industrial security and education services for the U.S. Government and the companies in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) in support of national security.

On behalf of the Department of Defense and other 27 other U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, DSS supports national security and the warfighter through security oversight and education missions. DSS oversees the protection of U.S. and foreign classified information and technologies in the hands of industry under NISP and serves as the functional manager for the DoD security professional development program.

As cybersecurity risks continue to grow, DSS has expanded its programs to support DoD military and civilian personnel with training and education programs geared toward professionalizing the security profession and providing professionals in NISP with common ground to work together across departments.

In the past year as cybersecurity has evolved, so has the DSS’s Center for Development of Security Excellence’s (CDSE) offerings. In the past year, CDSE’s offerings have increased over 700% in direct response to student training needs. 

What is the Center for Development of Security Excellence

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) is a nationally accredited, award-winning directorate within DSS located in Linthicum, MD. CDSE provides security education, training, and certification products and services to a broad audience supporting the protection of National Security and professionalization of the DoD security enterprise. The CDSE Cybersecurity program offers instructor-led training, eLearning, shorts, webinars, toolkits, and other performance support tools designed to enhance cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The mission is to provide DoD with a security center of excellence for the professionalization of the security community and be the premier provider of security education and training for DoD and industry under NISP. CDSE provides development, delivery, and exchange of security knowledge to ensure a high-performing workforce capable of addressing our nation’s security challenges.

What is the SPēD Program

Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) is the DoD’s initiative to professionalize the security work force. It means that the Department has put some stake in what security professionals do for the Department. SPēD Certification provides a common standard to measure requirements for a security position. DoD Instruction 3305.13, “Security Training,” and DoD 3305.13-M, “Security Accreditation and Certification Manual,” tasks the Defense Security Service to develop a certification program to professionalize the DoD security workforce. SPēD is part of this DoD initiative to ensure security practitioners are proficient in a common set of competencies. SPēD Certification demonstrates success and understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities approved by the Department of Defense Security Training Council (DSTC). Holders of a SPēD certification can add this credential to their resume, signature line, and business card. SPēD certification facilitates interoperability among DoD security practitioners. All DoD security practitioners who earn SPēD Certification share a common vocabulary and knowledge base.

What is the cost or fee for these courses

There is no fee for U.S. personnel to enroll in or take CDSE courses. For instructor-led courses held in Linthicum, an organization may incur associated travel costs.

Who is eligible to take these courses

The target audience for CDSE courses range from DoD military and civilian personnel, as well as contractors involved in security under NISP – Information System Security Managers/Officers, Facility Security Officers and System Administrators.

What drives the curriculum selection

The curriculum is driven by four different criteria: Training Needs Analysis, DoD Policy, Defense Security Skills Standards and world events.

“As I am new to this area of Security, I found this … a very good introduction to Risk Management Framework.”

“I am an Industry Contractor FSO & ISSM ‘auditing’ this webinar which is primarily intended for DoD entities. This should help me anticipate the future direction of requirements which we may be subject to. I expect I will be [discussing] the possible implications of this change with my counterparts at other facilities.”



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