Keys to a Successful Transition for Female Veterans

Posted by Rob Riggins

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 female veterans surged to 19.9% in September, vs. 14.7% a year earlier and 12.1% in August. While the unemployment rate for veterans as a whole is now lower than the general public, that’s obviously not the case for our female vets.

One of the ways to overcome this statistic is to focus on the key practices shared by women veterans who have made a successful transition to the civilian workforce. A study by the BPW Foundation states that the keys to success include:

  1. Start job search before leaving active duty
  2. Use all available job search training services including military transition seminars
  3. Attend job fairs
  4. Improve job specific skills and knowledge as appropriate
  5. Work with a job search mentor

In this video, Air Force veteran Patra Frame shares more thoughts on how female veterans can work toward a successful transition to the civilian workforce.



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