Find Unique Careers You Didn’t Know Were Cleared

Posted by Ashley Jones
unique cleared careers

In the cleared community we often see countless openings for engineers and analysts, but are you familiar with cleared opportunities for event planners or locksmiths? While jobs like these may not appear frequently across your radar, there are many unique cleared careers in the government contracting landscape that require security cleared professionals to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a fascinating opportunity or you’re curious how else you can put your clearance to use, check out our roundup of some of the most interesting cleared job openings currently on ClearedJobs.Net:

1. DNA Examiner

That’s right, examining forensic evidence isn’t limited to all those crime show dramas on your television. Join PAE as a DNA Examiner in Forest Park, Georgia to collect and analyze forensic data from evidence. Generate STR DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples, annotate case file documentation, and ensure proper chain of custody in this real-life, security-cleared role.

2. Locksmith

Any locksmiths reading? Here’s a role where a security clearance might surprise you. Vectrus is seeking a Locksmith in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Repair and open locks, make keys, and change lock combinations, using hand tools and special equipment. And we’re not just talking about small locks—repair and adjust safes, vault doors and vault components too!

3. Veterinary Technician

Are you a vet tech with a clearance in your back pocket? If so, look no further. Leidos’s Military & Bio-behavioral Research Health Group is looking for a qualified Veterinary Technician II to support research at the Navy Medical Research Unit in San Antonio, Texas. Conduct and support handling of small and large animal species, appropriate animal housing, animal disease prevention and health surveillance, record keeping, and more.

4. Event Planner

Who would have imagined an event planning career could require a Top Secret clearance? Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is looking for an Event Planner to join the Nonproliferation Research and Development Program in Livermore, California. Manage programmatic reviews, events and ad hoc workshops, act as the main point of contact to sponsors and technical hosts, and be responsible for all aspects of these classified and unclassified events.

5. Graphic Designer

Are you a pro with Adobe Creative Suite? If you’re creative and cleared, join Novetta in Springfield, Virginia, as a Graphic Designer (Photography). Provide creative support for photo retouching, compositing, and image editing, and contribute to overall graphic design and production of print materials.

Curious about other unique cleared careers? Search through our database of thousands of cleared positions and stay tuned for our next roundup of unique jobs. The perfect cleared opportunity for you may be waiting on the horizon.

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