Four Steps to Job Interview Preparation

Posted by Patra Frame

Recruiters and hiring managers regularly trade stories about interviewees who are totally clueless — not the impression you want to make. But a little preparation can ensure successful interviewing!

Step 1. Review all the information you already have about the opportunity and the organization. 

 * What else do you need to know? 

 * What questions do you need answered before you interview? 

 * And what questions will you want to ask during the interview?

Step 2. What’s new? 

 * Check out the organization’s website to be sure you understand their mission, attitude, the role of the work unit within the larger organization, and any recent achievements or contract awards they are publicizing. 

 * Then do an online search for company news plus industry trends and news which affect your potential job.

 * Search yourself online to see what recruiters will see when they check. Many hiring managers do that, so be prepared.

 * Check out the interviewers you will be talking with. Use the names you got in setting up your interview to see what LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and such sources can tell you about the person.

 * Check with people you know who work there for current information, info on the interviewers, and a sense of what the culture is like. If you do not know anyone, start looking for such people via your own networks.

Step 3.  Create a list of the questions you want answered. 

These should be issues important to your understanding the role and goals of the position, the company’s definition of your success in the job and in the company, and so on. 

A new job is an important financial and emotional decision – be sure you have the information you need!

Step 4.  Be prepared! 

Figure out your clothing. Get good instructions to where you are to report and be sure you know how long it will take you to get there. Make sure you have a few copies of your resume to offer interviewers. Take a notebook or something to make notes during interviews. 

Walk tall, turn off your electronics, breathe, brush the crumbs off your tie and be ready to knock the interview out of the proverbial park!


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