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Posted by Kathleen Smith

Want more applications from qualified job seekers? Get busy improving your job postings.

Making the most out of your advertising dollars is very important, and that is exactly what a job posting is – advertising. The job posting is one of the first forms of communication a job seeker will see about your company and jobs along with your website and social media.

Too many times a job posting is pulled from a contract award or an old job description, and it is either confusing or not descriptive enough to entice a job seeker to apply for the job.

Improving job postings is one thing that we are committed to at ClearedJobs.Net as we know how important this is to our employer customer’s overall success. Our teams review job postings frequently and provide suggestions to customers on how to improve them. The goal of a job posting? Not only is it to get the word out about your company, but most importantly you want to see an application…several of them!

Recently, we came across one of our customers’ job postings for a technical writer in Maryland. According to Bob Wheeler, one of our team members who is a former recruiter, “It’s one of the best job postings I’ve seen recently.” Bob goes on to list why this job posting from TeleniX is a good job posting from a candidate perspective:

  1. It’s not too wordy, as opposed to those job postings that just cut and paste the wording from the proposal.
  2. The words tell a story about the company – specifically about what makes TeleniX a good place to work.
  3. It’s genuine and personal without being cheesy or filled with corporate speak or cliches.
  4. Required skills and nice to have skills are clearly labeled.
  5. It’s well formatted, making the whole description easy to read and comprehend.

And that last point is much more important than it used to be. You probably do most of your work as it relates to job postings from a desktop. But remember that job seekers very often are reading that job posting from a mobile device. So formatting and appearance really do matter…just as they do on a resume.

TeleniX has received several applications for this position. Bob adds, “TeleniX gets a lot of applications, particularly when you consider they’re not a very big company and the skills they typically look for are both in high demand and also require a Full Scope Poly.”

Well written and well formatted job postings do make a difference. Just like well written and well formatted resumes do.


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One thought on “Get More Applications”

  1. The job ad in question is OK, though it doesn’t really flow at the start. It is more a series of separate statements shoved together to make a paragraph. A lot better than many job adverts I see though.

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