Government to Civilian Employment Transition

Posted by Kathleen Smith

If you’re a government worker considering a transition to the civilian or private sector, this video by ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist Patra Frame is for you.

Network – the word that comes up in any job search discussion – to take advantage of the experiences of those who have left government employment before you. You want to talk to former government employees who have had a positive transition to the private sector as well as to those who have had some difficulties.


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2 thoughts on “Government to Civilian Employment Transition”

  1. Most of the people I know are still in the government and do not plan to leave for quite a while Frankly, I don’t personally know anyone that has retired and been successful in finding a job in the private sector. I had extensive private sector positions before entering the government payroll. I worked for 10+ years for the federal government and 4 years for government contractors. Prior to those positions, I have at least 15 additional years in several highly respected companies. I have been looking for 5 months to no avail. It’s not easy once you have left the federal government payroll.

  2. Right now job searches are taking a long time for most unemployed people and for many more senior folks that means nearly a year. We see successful job transitions from government to civilian regularly at ClearedJobs.Net via our Job Fairs and Job Board. It does take a good marketing plan, research on target organizations where you might want to work, and a lot of networking to find the right opportunity and get in front of the hiring manager effectively. We hope our blog, our website, and our videos will help you understand and execute your transition.

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