How I’ve Been Successful Finding Cleared Talent

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Shaunta Russell, St. Michael's Twenty-two year USMC veteran and Director of Administration Shaunta Russell joined St. Michaels in June, 2011.

St. Michael’s was founded in 2006 by Todd Brymer, a retired Lieutenant Colonel and former Army paratrooper.  St. Michael’s works with federal agencies to improve their business process results, including Financial Policy Support, Enterprise Financial System Integration and Standardizing Internal Controls.

St. Michael’s is named for the patron saint of paratroopers.

St. Michael'sConsistent Sourcing Results

I’ve consistently used ClearedJobs.Net as a sourcing tool since I started with St. Michael’s in 2011, with good success. In fact I used ClearedJobs.Net in my transition.

Immediately after starting with the company  I needed to fill a Data Cleansing position. I did a Resume Search and entered those keywords in ClearedJobs.Net and first time out of the gate hired someone.

In October, 2013, St. Michael’s was awarded a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) small business prime for an audit readiness project. I’ve sourced 15 financial auditors with a Secret clearance for that project by using ClearedJobs.Net.

How Do You Source

For St. Michael’s a targeted job board is a more efficient use of my time than larger candidate databases. I use both job postings and resume search / resume agents to find qualified candidates. Recently I was looking for a position with SSAE-16 (an auditing standard) experience and immediately generated two interviews.

For our job postings, the ClearedJobs.Net customer service department refreshes my jobs on a regular basis so the positions don’t become stale.

Your Role at St. Michael’s

As the Human Resources Director I wear many hats in the organization including recruiting.

Your Hiring Process

Our hiring process varies depending on the level. I source the cleared professionals and then a hiring manager interviews them. For more senior level positions, a second interview may be required.


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  1. Shaunta is the ultimate professional HR/Recruiter. I have know her for over 3 years and attended numerous career fairs with her. She is always friendly and offers helpful advice to anyone. St Michael’s is lucky to have her as an employee.

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