How to Attract Millennials and Gen Z

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Around 50% of the population today is comprised of Millennials and Gen Z which means attracting these groups for open cleared jobs at your company is now more of a requirement than ever before. The Millenials and Zs are a vast and commanding group with a new outlook on today’s job market. It’s going to take more of a creative effort to garner their attention.

If you want to recruit from this population you must realize that these candidates have a unique approach that as a recruiter you may not have previously considered. This is a demographic more interested in flex-time, benefits and PTO. They are extremely savvy in social media and don’t rely on the traditional methods of engagement that may have served you in the past.

Recently a group of recruitment professionals were asked to share the one change that recruiters should consider in order to attract and interact with cleared Millennial and Gen Z talent. Here are their suggestions:

Offer them a vision of who they can be

These groups of young professionals are about self-discovery including experience and growth. While they appreciate benefits and perks, the core of their desires includes a community that will support them, respect their ability to make a contribution, and helps them discover new things about themselves. If your organization cannot align with these values, the reality of getting them to stay is pretty thin. This is a generation that came into their own by going with what feels right for them.

Lose the gimmicks

This generation is very dynamic and they have interests far beyond social media and playing at work. It is important to appeal to their spirit of volunteerism by creating an environment that features a community service atmosphere. Be straightforward (and honest) about what your company can offer them.

Display a real interest

Candidates from the Millennial and Gen Z generation are looking for an employer who cares about them and their overall well-being. It’s important that recruiters communicate the employee value proposition and company culture. Long term relationships with these candidates are vital. Recruiters should be pro-active in addressing candidates’ concerns and continue to be in touch even after the onboarding process.

Learn to appreciate the generational difference

With this talent pool it’s important to understand that the employee value proposition includes more than traditional perks and benefits. Recruiters will need to utilize a lot of social media to attract them and it’s very important to communicate both the challenging and fun aspects of a career at your company. Recognize the general difference with both respect and openness. Your interaction should be more congenial than interrogative; display a real interest in what they offer.

Focus on the non-tangibles

With Millennials and Gen Z job seekers, the non-tangible elements are as valued as the tangibles, like compensation. It’s important to convey your company’s flexible work policy while keeping a focus on your inclusive culture that offers opportunities for growth and development. These are the aspects that will attract top talent.

Be very social

It’s not a secret that social media platforms are a big part of the lives of Mills and Zs. Even in the cleared community where social media is often taboo, that viewpoint is changing with these generations. Recruiters will need to stay current on social trends while using these platforms to transform traditional recruiting methods into more interactive tools. Remember to keep the focus on relationships, along with lifestyle and the opportunity for a progressive career.

Efficiency matters

This young generation of cleared professionals thrives in innovative, technology driven environments. Because these candidates are in high demand it’s necessary that the hiring process is efficient. Recruiters will have to be timely and consistent in their communication with them. As new hires they will expect to jump right in to the work process, so onboarding needs to be shortened.

Think beyond tasks

As employees, this generation needs to be involved beyond their daily job duties. They have a strong interest in company culture and how they fit into the larger work environment. They have a need to understand how ideas are shared and the best way to network with co-workers. These young employees want to learn new skills and contribute to the greater good. To generate their interest you will need to address how the work will challenge them and how they can advance their capabilities.

Step outside the box

Millennial and Gen Z candidates desire more than a recycled job description. They need to feel a real connection to a company through their values and their mission. Try new and fun ways to engage candidates. Create a slide show or short video for openings that include where they will be working and featuring the hiring manager talking about the position and department. Get their attention, appeal to their rules of engagement by giving a real peak into your culture and the work.

Expediency and experience

It’s not a secret that Millennials and Gen Z require immediate gratification. Additionally top talent will have many options, so a long process will lose good candidates. Enhance their search with a job site that is mobile friendly. Always be sure to follow up with timely responses and feedback. Most important, ensure that the candidate experience is equally good for those who will not be hired because they could be perfect for your next opening. And keep in mind that this very social generation will share their experience with other potential candidates. You always want that word-of-mouth to be sterling.


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