How to Find Your Next Job by Giving Away Your Expertise for Free

Posted by Kathleen Smith

Previously, we shared in Marketing Yourself for Your Next Career Opportunity, that your job search is very similar to marketing a product. At the recent Online Marketing Summit, Michael Stelzner of “Social Media Examiner” shared how he has grown his business by giving everything away for free. The dynamic growth of “Social Media Examiner” has proven Michael’s tactics to be successful in not only building traffic, but also revenue.

We asked Michael to share his thoughts on how these same tactics could be used by security cleared job seekers to find their next job.

Michael relates that job seekers can position themselves as Subject Matter Experts (SME) and share content through setting up a blog. In addition to providing insight on how you would apply your knowledge and skills to key challenges or opportunities, you could also interview colleagues or other industry experts that you know.

Once this content is built, the links to the blog could be used in other formats:

  • – Add the Blog to your Profile on LinkedIn.
  • – Share new articles in your Status Updates on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
  • – When you’re applying for a position and you’ve blogged about some of the key skills necessary for the job, add the link to the blog post in your Cover Letter.
  • – After an interview include a link to a relevant blog post in your electronic Thank You notes.

Check out the interview in the following presentation:

Click here for more information on “Social Media Examiner.”


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