How to Keep Your Cleared Job Search on the Down Low

Posted by Rob Riggins

Do you want to keep your cleared job search quiet?

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, we really don’t want anyone that we work with to know that we’re seeking a new position.

If that describes your situation, here are some steps you can take to be sure your colleagues and your boss aren’t aware you’re looking for greener pastures:

Block your current employer on ClearedJobs.Net. Did you know you can block any employer from viewing your profile on ClearedJobs.Net? This option is available on your Dashboard when you log in, but check with our Customer Service team if you have questions about how it works.

Don’t talk to your colleagues about your plans. Your safest bet is to tell no one you work with that you’re thinking about leaving. If you tell one person, they may tell one person, who may tell another person, and so on.

Network via phone or in person. Is this starting to sound paranoid? Perhaps, but if your goal is to really keep things locked down, this is your safest strategy. And when networking in person, think about what you’re sharing in venues where you’re likely to find your co-workers, whether that’s a bar or a professional meeting.

You really shouldn’t be doing this to begin with, but don’t use your work phone, computer or email for any job search activities. That’s what your smartphone is for! This can be challenging when you spend your days in a SCIF, but cleared recruiters are used to interacting with cleared job seekers during non-work-day hours.

If you typically dress casually for work and you have an interview, take extra time to change for your interview after you leave your office. Most fast food joints can serve as a good changing spot.

Schedule interviews for before or after work hours if at all possible. If you start taking long lunches or running errands in the middle of the day when that is not typically your method of operation, your colleagues may start to wonder.

A burst of social media activity is typically a clear sign that an individual is considering a move. Be sure to check your LinkedIn privacy settings and be aware of what you’re sharing and saying on any platform, especially if you’re connected to your colleagues.

Remain engaged in your current job. Be a professional, and remain interested and involved in your job while you’re still there. You may be there longer than you anticipate, so stay focused.

Finally, when you do land a new position, exit gracefully without burning any bridges. Always take the high road. The cleared community can often be smaller than we think.


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