How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Posted by Rob Riggins

How did you leave your last job? Was it a graceful exit or a train wreck?

In this video filmed at the Women’s Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery, Patra Frame recommends that you start by preparing yourself.

Your first step is to tell your boss before anyone else. Express that you want to be part of a successful transition. Provide a simple and to the point resignation letter.The security cleared world can seem small, so you want to be sure that you leave on a positive note and without burning any bridges.

Your only excuse for telephoning your boss vs. having an in-person conversation is if you’re not in the same location. This is not the type of information that you give your boss via email, text, etc.

Thank your boss for the great experience and what you’ve learned. Be honest, but don’t be negative. Don’t overshare about your new job.

If you’re in sales, you may be shown the door the day you resign. Some companies do that for anyone who resigns. If that’s the case, be prepared before giving notice.

Take Patra’s tips for exiting gracefully and you’ll start your new job on the right foot.

And from People magazine, several famous job exits that you do not want to emulate.



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