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Jody Denner, HPA cybersecurity discussion with Jody Denner, Senior Cybersecurity Management Consultant with HP.

How do you define cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a buzzword, but it is also a complex and compound word. To help explain cybersecurity to folks who are unfamiliar I like to break it down or hack it into its two meanings.

Cyber basically is relating to computer or computer networks, and Security is free from danger or risk. Put these two words together and you have cybersecurity.  The term evolved from information security which begat information assurance which begat cybersecurity. But it all boils down to protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, which is the key. The basic tenet of information security is the protection of data.  Cybersecurity has now evolved into protecting people, processes and technology and is more dynamic than its static predecessors – information security and information assurance.

What are the key components of HP’s cybersecurity program

HP has an in-depth and wide cybersecurity program. Security is embedded in everything we do. We do identity and access management, data and content security, application security, risk management, compliance, risk and governance compliance, and a variety of security operations and intelligence to include hybrid infrastructure, and end point security. We are also heavily involved in DoD command and control as well as continuous monitoring efforts moving forward with DHS.

Why are veterans talented cybersecurity professionals

HP US Public Sector really likes recruiting veterans. Typically veterans are more focused, more disciplined and they can lead and/or follow. Veterans have a strong technical aptitude. Typically when veterans come to us with an information assurance or information technology background they have already had a variety of cybersecurity training opportunities as well as certifications, clearances and a strong professional career development ethos.  As veterans have all of these skills and qualifications with them it gives the veteran an advantage over others in our industry.

How has your military training assisted you in your career

I always like to say that as a young man it provided me with discipline, direction and college funding. My military time opened a lot of opportunities to climb the ranks. My work within HP has been with a variety of federal and civilian agencies supporting their missions which has enabled me to be successful in traversing different market segments. My work within HP is a continued fraternity of the military community as we have a lot of veterans with HP.

What advice would you give veterans in their transition

Of course I would advise them to consider HP and for them to check out our Veterans Employee Resource Network which is very strong and our Young Employee Network which is also very strong. Working with HP would give them an opportunity to continue serving their country in the critical domain of cybersecurity.

What was your MOS

Hospital Corpsman and I took up by hobby technology, computing, and hacking. I have had great success and accomplishments ever since.

What other MOS’s do well in cybersecurity

When I worked at the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon I was amazed at the young Navy Senior Chiefs who had the opportunity to go into the IA background. The Army and Air Force have complementary programs. The IA background really prepares you for a civilian career in industry if and when you chose to transition out of the military.

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