Interview with a Recruiter, Amy Devers, Hexagon US Federal

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Amy Devers

Hello there! I’m Amy Devers, Senior Manager of Human Resources at Hexagon US Federal. I describe myself as an Employee Champion and Team Builder. That means we prioritize our number one asset, People, first. We are a company of talented, diverse individuals and without them, we would not be able to provide exceptional technology solutions and professional consulting services to the U.S. Federal Government’s many entities.

Why Hexagon US Federal

You definitely want to work with us! We are a certified Great Place to Work, which means that we went through a rigorous employee evaluation to determine if: we are being good stewards to our employees, offer fair compensation and benefits, provide development and advancement opportunities, and facilitate an environment for their voices to be heard and utilized. We work on exciting and meaningful projects supporting our government customers and we have fun in the process. We also offer generous benefits like tuition reimbursement up to $10,000 per year and reward service milestones with a special luncheon, Visa gift cards, and a cool desk display for bragging rights.

What’s Your Hiring Process Like

Our hiring process is pretty straightforward. We evaluate your application and resume to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the role and if so, move on to an initial clearance check, then phone interview. From there, we narrow the field down to the most qualified candidates and invite them either onsite or virtually for a formal interview. The best candidates from that stage will be scheduled for final interviews. A finalist will be selected and an offer will be made. Upon offer acceptance, we begin the Onboarding Process to include a formal background check and completion of New Hire Paperwork, all online. Welcome to the team!

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Has Hiring Been Impacted by COVID-19

First, let me say that we are constantly connecting to talented people with all clearance types. As a business that is always creating innovative solutions to solve problems, servicing our existing contracts with excellence, as well as bidding on new contracts, we continually network with those in the cleared community to not only solve immediate needs, but for those coming up in the future too. While a lot of other companies are slowing down operations due to COVID-19, we have been fortunate to be minimally impacted due to the important services that we provide our customers and the diversity in our business. This has the immeasurable benefit of minimizing disruption to our employee’s livelihoods. We are always asking ourselves how we can provide additional support to our customers – what products or services can we create? Our thought process is always on how we can be in front of crises and challenges and help, rather than just mitigating impacts.

What Makes an Effective Applicant

The very best thing that a candidate can do when applying for a role with us, is to make their qualifications and relevant experience clear in their resume and application. As we are evaluating hundreds of candidates at a time, we rely on the information you provide to evaluate your credentials against our minimum requirements as part of our initial screening process. This is the perfect place to brag on all you’ve accomplished!

Virtual Interview Tips

Although I do prefer meeting someone in person, virtual interviews can be just as great. Our approach to interviewing potential employees begins with making a good impression on our end and respecting the candidate’s time by asking meaningful, relevant questions. We recognize that this is just as much the candidate interviewing us as we are assessing them. The most important recommendation I can make, is to be prepared! If you are participating in a video conference call, you should not use the interview slot as the time to see if your device (cell phone, tablet, laptop, or PC) can connect. My team is always happy to work with candidates to test their connection a day or two before the actual interview. We want you to be successful! That being said, part of our evaluation would include how you react to technological interruptions; do you get flustered and can’t recover or do you power through with humility? That tells us a lot about how you would approach a challenging problem in our business.

Do You Hire Transitioning Military

We are always excited to work with veterans and transitioning military folks since they bring such valuable experience and skills to the table.  As far as acclimation goes, a lot of military experience translates really well to the work we do. So much so, that approximately 20% of our employees are former military! We recognize the special experience that comes from serving and highly encourage folks from all branches to consider us for their next career move. We also partner with multiple non-profit agencies that provide support services to our military servicemen and women to increase our ability to reach those that may not otherwise find our job openings.

What’s the Best Way to Reach You

We definitely want to hear from you! We list all of our open positions on the Careers page of our website where candidates can apply directly to the roles. Additionally, in our Careers Center, we have a feature called Talent Community, where folks can confidentially share their resume and basic contact information for future consideration. Candidates are also welcome to reach out directly to either me or our Senior Recruiter, Shiva Schilling to follow up. We are here to help you on the journey to becoming part of the Hexagon US Federal family!

Amy Devers – [email protected]

Shiva Schilling – [email protected]

We look forward to connecting with you!


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