Interview with a Recruiter, Brigit Freedman, PAE

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I’m the Director of Recruiting at PAE. We have over 21,000 employees. That may seem like a big company to some of you, but it really feels like a small company because everybody is connected. There are lots of conversations with people that really bring us all together, and we do lots of exciting work all around the world. We’re on every continent and in 70 countries.

What Types of Positions Are You Hiring For

We hire for everything across the board, from housekeepers and chefs to forensics and counterintelligence folks. We’re hiring for just about anything you can think of, and we have so many positions in the trades. We’re looking for HVAC folks, carpenters, plumbers, welders, well diggers, BAS techs, fire control people, and more. We’re hiring for a lot of these trade positions and in many locations, like Afghanistan. The challenge is finding people that want the adventure.

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What Kind of OCONUS Positions Does PAE Offer

We have opportunities for work in locations most people never get to go, like Antarctica (working with our customer, the National Science Foundation). If I could go to Antarctica, I would be on the next flight there. The embassies are another beautiful destination. You can live in China or Belgium, and you don’t even have to be a politician. You could be a welder, gardener, or somebody that changes the sheets. I think it would be an amazing opportunity for anybody to go.

What Mistakes Do Job Seekers Make in the Hiring Process

A lot of people don’t ask for the job. I always tell my candidates, if you’re in there with the hiring manager and you love the job, ask for it. Tell them, “Wow, I really am excited about this. I’d love to be hired for this position.” Sometimes the manager doesn’t know that you really want it, especially if you don’t follow up with an email. So send an email or a text to follow up and say, “I want it.”

The other thing is, if you’re in an interview, turn on your camera and make sure you dress the part. A lot of job seekers aren’t doing this. I’ll see somebody come in wearing a concert t-shirt. That’s really cool, but I’m trying to hire you as a Director of Contracts. You still have to look the part—at least from the waist up.

How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Hiring Process

We had to pivot very quickly away from all in-person hiring events, so we moved to a virtual platform. We’ve also been doing video interviews. So instead of driving to where the candidate may actually work, if and when they get the job, they’re now doing remote interviews. It’s really saving people time and energy.

What Should People Remember About PAE

I would want them to remember that PAE is an absolutely amazing place to work, and you can go anyplace in the world – you don’t have to stay in one place. You could go to Antarctica for a year, and then you could go to Afghanistan or Japan. See the world with PAE!


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  1. Thanks you, for you are consideraron. I am interesing about posición in TI, how Scrum máster, Project mánager, chef un system.


  2. I am a commercial diving supervisor and general project manager available for long term work or contract.

  3. Well-delivered, Brigit! While I interviewed all via phone, I reported first day, dressed neatly, as a US Army Locomotive Engineer, w/ my grip, & lantern, for heavy, classified, ordnance. It was a dream job for an Elite Forces, 2-wars, vet/trainman. Took 2.5 mos. for me to ‘clear’, even though I had been briefly in SF, the USAF in nukes, a Federal Horse Officer, U.S. Border Scout (‘La Fronterra’), have a ‘squeaky-clean’ record, & clearly eligible for T/S clearance. It was worth it! Now if I could return to SE Asian rails, to one of the nations, where I speak their tongue, (not the ‘Queen’s Tongue’, LOL!), I would ‘throttle-up full steam’, to those drivers for max, tractive effort! El Paladin

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