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Candace MangumCandace tell us about yourself and Fulcrum

I am a PHR certified Human Resources professional with 10+ years of recruiting experience. I have 9+ years in the defense contracting industry and have been a Senior Recruiter with Fulcrum for almost four years. In my role at Fulcrum, I am responsible for full-lifecycle recruiting of technical, executive, managerial, intelligence, analytical, financial, and administrative candidates for various government clients and combatant commands nationwide and overseas.

Most of our positions require cleared candidates. In addition, I also assist in the administration and monitoring of OFCCP from a recruiting standpoint and other compliance reporting efforts. I am a graduate of Old Dominion University with a Master’s of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, concentration Human Resources Management.

Fulcrum is a leading technology company that provides solutions and services primarily for federal customers in the defense, intelligence, education and healthcare sectors. We offer Pivotal Performance to customers that demand value, service and engineering excellence. Our headquarters is Centreville, VA. We also have regional offices in Norfolk, VA, and Tampa, FL, as well as staff located around the world including government locations in five countries.

Why do I want to work for Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a growing and dynamic organization that is committed to excellence. We nurture an atmosphere and culture of collaboration, providing opportunities for personal growth for our employees through training and mentoring. All levels of management up to the CEO are very transparent and accessible from day one. We also offer our employees competitive compensation and health, wellness, continuing education and retirement saving benefits.

FulcrumWhat’s the Fulcrum hiring process

Once a candidate has completed their profile and application, they will receive an email from Fulcrum acknowledging their application. A member of the recruiting team will contact the candidate if more information is needed as well as keep the candidate posted on the status of their application.

A member of the team will also review the candidate’s profile and any attachments the candidate provides against our job requirements. A phone screen may take place following our review of the application in which we will discuss the candidate’s experience, background and interest and confirm start date availability, salary requirements, and clearance verification.

If a candidate is invited for an interview with a Hiring Manager, a member of the recruiting team will provide information on the venue and timing. The number of interviews and how they are conducted vary with the position that is being applied for. However, a phone interview typically takes place first. Based on the results of the interview, a candidate may be extended a job offer. Upon acceptance, a member of the recruiting team will conduct a thorough pre-employment screen. This screen may include but is not limited to reference checks, a criminal background investigation and drug screening.

Do you target transitioning military

Yes, Fulcrum recognizes the great source of talent in our veterans and military members. Veterans bring distinctive capabilities and valuable skills that we do target. Fulcrum participates in several Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshops and job fairs offered at military installations nationwide throughout the year. Through this participation, we gain a better understanding of the veteran experience, while also being able to offer our expertise in the areas of job search strategies, networking, resume writing, interviewing tips, and salary negotiations.

What types of cleared positions do you fill

Cleared candidates with specific talents that are of interest include but are not limited to Network Engineers, Software/Systems Engineers, Database Architects, Hardware Technicians, Communications Installers, Network/Systems Administrators, Intelligence/Counterintelligence Analysts, Financial Analysts, Technical Writers, Administrative Assistants, Program/Project Managers and Web Developers.

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Do you use search engines or social media to screen job seekers at any point in the hiring process  

Using social media to screen applicants is not a part of our formal hiring process; however, in certain circumstances we will view a candidate’s professional profile on certain social media sites to learn more about the candidates’ qualifications. Fulcrum often uses social networks as a means to recruit both passive and active candidates in a personal yet professional way.

What are the toughest security cleared positions for you to fill and why

Most of our Software Engineer/Developer jobs that require SharePoint or Hadoop experience are a challenge to fill. The rapid growth in demand for cleared Software Developers with this experience, the competition for talent, and the shortage of cleared workers in this profession make this a job that’s known to be hard-to-fill.

What do you see security cleared job seekers doing wrong? Or conversely, what are some doing right that others should emulate

I often see security cleared job seekers not putting their clearance status on their resumes. In addition, job seekers should put their security clearance upfront on the resume where a recruiter can find it immediately and know their clearance status i.e. type of clearance, investigation date, etc. Preparation and knowledge is always the key.

What’s the craziest thing a job seeker has ever said to you

As a recruiter, I have heard and experienced it all. I’ve actually had candidates come to interviews with their mothers or spouses and when you attempt to ask a question of them, the mother or spouse will answer for them. Rule of thumb: come to the interview alone.

Another not so crazy, but annoying thing that I often hear from candidates is: “Well, it’s listed on my resume.”  I’m aware of that. I know it’s on your resume, but if I’m asking you about a particular job or experience, I want you to tell me more beyond what’s written.

What’s the most inappropriate thing you’ve seen on a resume

I had a candidate that listed his video gaming accomplishments as leadership experience.

What do job seekers need to know about your job as a recruiter at Fulcrum

Being a Recruiter at Fulcrum rocks! It’s a great job. It’s an opportunity for me to connect and get to know all different types of people and also to serve others in maybe a non-traditional way. It is exciting to be able to place candidates in their dream job, while also being able to add value and impact to the bottom line at Fulcrum. It is high pressure and quite demanding, but it can be extremely rewarding.

Working with candidates and impacting their lives and often their family’s lives is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Even though my job is to fill open positions for Fulcrum, I’m always aware of the role I play for candidates in trying to help them find a job and hopefully a career.





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