Interview with a Recruiter, Jennifer Rhodes, Raytheon Intelligence and Space

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Why hello there! My name is Jennifer Rhodes and I am one of the Talent Acquisition (TA) partners within the Raytheon Intelligence and Space (RIS) business unit of Raytheon Technologies. I’ve called Raytheon my home for the last 7+ years and am thankful for all of the growth, relationships and skills acquired through this time.

Raytheon Technologies is a leader in the commercial aerospace and defense industry with 180+ years of innovation. We are currently comprised of 4 business units: Raytheon Intelligence and Space, Raytheon Missiles and Defense, Pratt and Whitney, and Collins Aerospace. 

RIS specializes in developing advanced sensors, cyber services and software solutions. Our programs include Air Superiority, Command and Control, Communications and Navigation, Cyber Security, Decision Superiority, Department 22, Space Solutions and High Energy Lasers. We have 34,500+ employees in 500 locations across 30 counties. Our people are our core!

Why Should I Work at Raytheon Intelligence and Space

The work truly could not be more fascinating here at Raytheon Intelligence and Space. The products and services created by RIS are incredibly relevant in today’s world. Knowing you’re having an impact on an organization focused on protecting and saving the lives of many is humbling. It builds extra passion behind your job.

Feeling connected, and like you’re positively influencing something so much bigger than yourself, is a unique opportunity to have in your career. We also offer industry leading benefits and ample opportunities that support work/life balance.

What Positions Do You Recruit For

During my tenure I’ve supported the TA organization from multiple seats. My most recent assignments focus on hiring for our finance organization (cleared and uncleared roles), and prior to that for our cleared Space intelligence community.

Within the finance functional organization, one of my groups is our strategic business unit Department 22. This part of our organization is known for their innovation and cool technology. I hire for all financial support components that drive the programs forward – Program Cost Controls, Estimating and Pricing, Financial Analysts, FP&A, Project Management, etc. Most of their roles require an Active Secret clearance to be considered.

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Those finance roles span the US, however the majority are located in North TX, El Segundo, CA, Aurora, CO, DC Metro Area or are remote. Some roles are program based, which drives greater need for cleared professionals who are willing to accommodate a hybrid/onsite work arrangement. My other positions support the overall business unit and tend to have more flexibility, offering a remote work schedule – the remote roles do not require a clearance.

Another group with significant clearance required openings is our Program Planners/Schedulers who support the business cross functionally. In particular, my Space teams are looking for Top Secret and higher candidates. Hiring for these roles can be difficult due to the limited cleared population with the needed skill set to be successful in these positions.

What Are The Toughest Cleared Positions to Fill

Some of my more challenging to fill cleared-hybrid positions are looking for candidates with a skillset/experience in: Earned Value Management (EVM), cost/schedule control and analysis, proficiency in Excel (pivot tables, advanced formulas), financial forecasting, budgeting and variance analysis.

Overall, the toughest cleared roles to fill are definitely the high level ones, such as Top Secret clearances with SCI, CI Poly, and FS Polys. The talent pool with this high of access is limited and diminishing, as the desire to support remote roles versus onsite clearance required roles is changing the landscape.

Due to the limited cleared talent available, it creates a lot of challenges. We are working to incentivize our cleared hybrid/onsite roles from every angle. We have increased options surrounding flexible work arrangements, including 9/80 schedules (every other Friday off), hybrid arrangements, and flex time.

What’s Your Hiring Process Like

Each position’s interview team has their own interview plan. Meaning, the answer could look different depending on the group you’re talking too. Typically, I would say 1-2 interviews is the standard. Depending on the visibility of the role, additional interviews may be asked of a candidate. My teams consistently schedule virtual interviews.

Our conditions of employment are comprised of a drug test, background investigation and completion of several required forms. If you are hired for a clearance required position and have had your clearance validated, then you are able to bypass the background check. This can shave off 1-2 weeks in onboarding time, which means a quicker start date!

What’s Your Biggest Tip to Cleared Job Seekers

Make sure your resume is clear, concise and highlights why you are qualified for the position. If the role is looking for experience with Microsoft Excel, try to incorporate bullet points that show experiences utilizing that tool/skillset versus just listing “Excel” under a broad skills area.

How Should Job Seekers Communicate with Recruiters

My preference is whatever the candidate feels most comfortable with. Everyone’s schedules are busy, and sometimes one method may be the best option at that moment. Whether that’s a phone call, email, or text, our recruiting team is happy to channel the conversation from whatever platform provides efficiency to your schedule and clarity to your needs.

We understand that the cleared population likely is working in a classified area and may not have access to phone or email during standard hours—we are here to accommodate you! We’re happy to take the conversation after normal business hours if that is preferred. Be sure you communicate these preferences with your recruiter.

I want job seekers to know that recruiters are here to support you! It’s a big deal to consider a new opportunity, and we strive to provide a great experience to our candidates.

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  1. I applied at one of Raytheon’s positions but did not get the job. I am new to Cybersecurity. Computer engineering was my background but did not complete that and instead Cybersecurity piqued my interest in 2019. Since then I received a cybersecurity certificate in 2020, received and associates in Cybersecurity in 2021, earned my CompTIA security+, earned my LogRhythm Security Analyst certification, and I am about the complete my B.A.S in Cybersecurity. Raytheon seems like a great place to work which is why I applied.

  2. Thank you Jennifer Rhodes and the Talent Acquisition Partners of Raytheon. What a novel and neat idea to send out an email, directly to me, from recruiters.

  3. Do all you estimator jobs require a Bachelors? I currently work for one of your supplier. I am the sole estimator. I would think I could fit a role with my 38 yrs experience.

  4. I’ve applied for several Logistic / Supply Material Coordinator positions and have had no luck. Any suggestions and or do you have anything that would fit my qualifications???

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