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I’m a seasoned recruitment professional and an effective leader in various industries of recruiting. I have extensive recruiting experience in the Intelligence, Defense and IT Communities. I have been with General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) since April 2019.

I got into recruiting over ten years ago. I kept recommending positions to my friends that matched their experience and expertise, and they were landing the positions. I decided to start my own staffing company called The Staff Hunter. It was a successful staffing firm for over eight years. My knowledge of working with small to mid-size companies and individuals, prepared me for working with companies and candidates in the staffing industry.


The best part of working for GDIT is the people, the culture and the growth. GDIT really encourages their employees to be their best selves in their positions and helps us to grow within the company. GDIT is very team focused and it makes for a comfortable environment.

GDIT brings critical thinkers and innovators together with cutting-edge technologies to solve our clients’ biggest challenges. We help civilian, defense, homeland security, and intelligence agencies take control of change and adapt to adversity in an uncertain world. For over 50 years, we have served the mission by ensuring today is secure and tomorrow is smarter. GDIT is going in a great direction. Since the acquisition of CSRA, both companies have merged into a bigger force within the defense contracting industry.

What’s Your Hiring Process Like

GDIT is very thorough in their hiring process. The candidate could have several interviews via phone and in person depending upon the position. Next you will have to fill out our application. Once that is done and an offer has been made, we do an extensive background check and we try to complete the onboarding process within a week. Once that is complete…Welcome to GDIT.

When I find a good fit on ClearedJobs.Net, I reach out to the candidate via phone and email. I like the phone because I can get to know them. They can hear my excitement regarding their skills, and it helps build rapport with the candidate. I also reach out via email since it’s usually quicker to get a response.

What Positions Do You Recruit For

I support the Defense-Naval training division so I typically look for Software Engineers/Developers, System Administrators and System Engineers. I look for candidates that have experience in Java, JavaScript, Scrum Agile Methodology, Web Solutions, and a Security+ Certification.

View all GDIT cleared positions on ClearedJobs.Net

What Makes a Position Tough to Fill

The toughest positions to fill are the ones you don’t have a good amount of knowledge on. A recruiter should become familiar with their positions. Otherwise, they will be extremely hard to fill and the recruiter will feel defeated. Once the recruiter is defeated, it becomes a tough fill.

Also, if there’s a certain region that isn’t very populated, then you could have a hard time finding enough talent to fill those positions. It can also be challenging if the position itself isn’t descriptive enough.

What Makes an Effective Resume

A good resume is specific, details the candidates experience, highlights achievements, but isn’t too wordy that the employer doesn’t look at the full resume. I also see a good amount of military job seekers and my advice would be to have their resume reviewed. Tailor it to the industry that you are applying to so that the employer can understand it.


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12 thoughts on “Interview with a Recruiter, Lilla Hunter, General Dynamics – IT”

  1. I am a Certified SCRUM Master and Certified Agile Professional with 10 years of PMP experience. Can you help me ?

  2. Good Afternoon Mrs. Hunter,

    My Name is Larry Slaughter.

    I have a Top Secret Clearance.

    I have 30 Years experience successfully managing programs for BMDO, White House, ATF, and DOT.

    I am interested in any EA/CPIC/Solutions and Systems Engineering positions at GDIT in Maryland.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best Regards,

    Larry Slaughter

  3. Dear Ms. Hunter:

    I’m very interested in any Litigation Paralegal position you may have at GDTI. I have about 30 years of experience as a Litigation Paralegal and I would like to speak with you regarding how my experience may be beneficial to GDTI.

    Thank you for your time,

    Helen Jo Godfrey

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